HEALTHY LIVING – self check

If I love God and live in unhealthy ways, will he cover for my poor choices and let me live long and well?
One of the basic principles of life is: That which a man sows–that will he reap. If anyone could break this rule, it would make a fool of God. Good luck trying to pull that one off! Yet I know that I sometimes think that because I am doing so much for the kingdom that God will cover for me if I don’t exercise or sleep enough. I have often told good Christian friends who have been trapped by smoking cigarettes, that they will go to heaven, just a little early.
There is, of course, one exception: when I deserved Hell and was given Heaven instead. However, I didn’t “get away with it”, instead God paid my debt and gave me righteousness, but will he give me health in spite of my failure to live by the designer’s advice? If the alcoholic repents, does his liver damage go away? King David repented of his sin with Bathsheba and God forgave him but warned of ongoing results in his family and life. Fortunately there is MERCY:God bringing good out of our sin when we repent and he leaves the consequences that I need in order to hate sin but walks these consequences with me. For where sin abound–Grace even more abounds.
Throughout the day I use three prayers and three reminders.
Three reminders to myself—- I can’t,   He can,      Here goes
Three prayers———————– Help,     Thanks,      Show me your will
Now here is a stay on track for healthy living tool that I use once a week. It is hard to remember a once a week tool and so I set a specific day and time.
There are four areas of healthy living that I need to examine, not to yell at myself but to keep on track. HOW AM I DOING AT:
1. Physical, a. diet-high fiber low sugar b. sleep -7 to 8 hours. c. exercise- cardio 10 min daily poisons-cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, drugs e. Am I taking care of my diagnosed medical illness?
2. Schedule, a. too much, psalms 127 b. too little Colossians 4:5 c. time for me and God Mark 1:35 d. balanced Ecclesiastes 3:1
3. Relational- Is there anyone with whom I may be real, no fake front, and still be accepted, do I have others to learn from and minister to?
4. Daily practicing dynamic resting, peaceful passion, gently warfare?
I will do my next 4 blogs amplifying on these tools. By the way, my grandson Ray is home and over 7 pounds so God has been gracious.