Do your recall the arrogant religious men who dragged the lady caught in adultery before the Lord? So where was the man caught in adultery? It’s hard to do that sin alone. Then when the Holy Spirit convicted them all from the oldest to the youngest THEY ALL SLUNK OFF!

What can I learn from this? The more that I notice how messed up those around me are–the more I am just trying to avoid looking at my own sin by pointing out theirs. They were angry at Jesus because he pointed out their sin. Am I angry at Jesus when I am finding fault with other? Like Martha am I saying by my attitude, “What’s wrong with you Jesus, that you haven’t sent Mary back to help me as you should have?” Do I find more fault with those who are not just like I am, people from the other group such as this woman?

Do I think that I must pay for my own sins by slinking off when convicted. IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO BE CONVICTED, YOU MUST RUN TO JESUS AND FALL AT HIS FEET! One by one they should have fallen in the dirt and cried out, ” Have mercy on me I am the one who should be stoned!” Do we just feel bad about ourselves when we see that we are indeed the chief of sinners; or do we seek and accept the gift of forgiveness he was prepared to grant both the men and the woman. She was the only¬† one that walked away forgiven.

When the 10 lepers were healed only one returned. The others must have seen him go, why did they not run to Jesus. He was the only one both healed and forgiven. Did they think that, as Jews they deserved healing but this Samaritan should be grateful for he deserved nothing?

The rich young ruler followed all the commandments but walked away from Jesus without the treasure of eternal life being offered and the chance to become one of the disciples.

Do we allow conviction,beg for healing, ask for eternal life and lose out by not letting our needs drive us to Jesus?

This week let your needs and trials and sins and failures and rejections and losses and and and ALL THE ABOVE drive you to Jesus!