The truth is that we shouldn’t sweat anything AFTER we have yielded our members servants to God and been responsible in small things or big things. If we limit ourselves to moving our body members (according to a growing picture of God’s principles in action, Please memorize this phrase) ; then logically there should be not difference between tough tasks and easy tasks.

If only we were logical beings. But there is hope, God would not command us to “Let this mind be in you which was in Jesus”, who is named LOGOS  the beginning and end of all reasoning; if He did not stand ready to give us His logic.

Remember, to figure out what a healthy positive godly approach would look like we simply have to look at ” How do I normally relate to this situation?” and then DO THE OPPOSITE!

So, how do we normally SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF and thereby squander the neurotransmitters and energy God has placed in my brain to handle stress?

Ask yourself which of the following two responses would use up more calming serotonin in your brain?

A. Yes Lord I see the trial and you have helped me deal with many similar issues before, thanks for placing ——— in my life so give me grace to ask his help while doing my part, help me remember that my part is always doable and you will never allow me to be tried so severely beyond that of others that I would have now way to avoid sin which is the only outcome I should care about and all other results are Yours, and help me keep in mind all the wonderful things that will still be true no matter how this situation turns out, at the least, (and what a least!) I will live forever with Jesus as his beloved bride whom he has cleansed and presented to Himself as pure undefiled and without blemish.

B. Oh My God! I’m going to screw this up and we are all going to die!

OK you get the point. The four things we do to SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF are

1. fail to carry a grateful memory of all the things God and you have already faced.

2. Fail to ask for help from those God has gifted us with, or ask for help and then beat ourselves up for asking.

3. Focus on more than moving our body members.

4. Forget that the UNLOSABLE good things God has given us.

Now copy down response A and practice it all week and then drop me a line on how it works for you.