1 accepting forgiveness

2 act in the fact

3 already immortal

4 the bad attitude obeyer

5 Christian attitudes towards our bodies

6 benefits of a right heart

7 blessed are the weak

8 bitter at myself for hurting others

9 burnout-normal for caring people

10 chronic unfixable pain

11 comfort ye my people

12 cry babies-God’s favorites

13 delight in the everyday

14 don’t sweat the small stuff

15 don’t sweat the big stuff

16 finally brethren be positive

17 glorious godly glee

18 God goes with me into the valley

19 godly selfishness?

20 gods power in little ol me!

21 grief, God’s way

22 he loves me in the little things

23 healthy doubts and struggles

24 heave your heavy burdens on the Lord

25 how much can a person take?

26 us it ok to be angry with God?

27 faith? just a grain of mustard seed

28 is it all my fault?

29 joy unspeakable, for me?

30 rest for the weary

31 I feel sorry that you can’t be me!

32 lift up the hands that hang down

33 lighten up!

34 living in the church when I’m a misfit

35 loneliness of mental illness in the church

35 the Lord is good

36 me? perfect? hah! (don’t forget grace)

37 little is much, with God

38 no putdowns allowed

39 the problem of pain

40 balance passion/peace, doing/resting, caring/calm

41 hurt by “friendly fire”

42 the power of negative thinking

43 this too shall pass!

44 getting rid of darkness

45 self-contempt? just silly!

46 self-esteem, God’s ideas

47 don’t stare at potholes

48 strong-weakness!

49 the easy yoke

50 I’m so tired, I can’t take it anymore!

51 then I die and everyone forgets!

52 they did the best they could? shame on them!

53 what can I do with my worst flaws?

54 what’s in it for me?

55 Why?

56 widow’s mite