Please, Please, go to my site, and read a few. You could ponder on for inspiration or encouragement or guidance to further growth or to review a tool before you appeal or apologize.

What I need is feedback. I am acutely aware that there is a big difference between thinking a thought and saying it with enough words and in a logical enough way to get the thought out of my head and into the listeners. So please read and send me suggestions or requests for clarification.


  1. examine myself
  2. realize that it is impossible for me to see with balance and to see the whole picture
  3. ask for feedback
  4. consider the feedback
  5. apply the feedback
  6. reward the feedback
  7. remember God’s grace in order to deal with finding out that I am worse that I feared
  8. ONLY then can I thrive and grow!

Tell me what you think

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