1 almost but not enough

2. ask not what my God can do for me

3 be still and know

4 be weird–be godly!

5 heavenly minded>earthly good

6 BLATHERED–dangerous conditions ahead

7 co-dependency a serious heart condition

8 *design

9 God given correction-a good ouch! .

10 don’t like plan B? get ready for plan C

11 old? don’t be a Hezekiah

12 God has feelings too!

13 Lord, your vision not my vision

14 grateful always for everything?

15 unnatural gratitude

16 honest to God

17 I shall not want

18 mercy can feed into more sin

19 A heart after God’s heart

20  God’s heart towards my authorities 

21  God’s heart-he hates sin

22  God’s hart-love the sinner

23 surely I can’t be that bad?

24 I am the bride–He is the groom

25 investing in “lost causes”

26 is Jesus enough for me?

27 God knows–what a mess I’ve made

28 judging–do or don’t?

29 lukewarm? make God puke

30grabbing life with gusto

31 righteous wrath

32 no pain –no gain!

33 not good to be anonymous

34 NOW is the accepted time

35 obey God, even over “godly” friends advice

36 offer that which cost me nothing?

37 redeeming the time

38 quit fussing about tomorrow

39  It’s not OK to keep it quiet

40 savoring godliness

41 should I be spirit possessed?

42 the sin of fussing

43 want but be careful what I want

44 do I really want to be blessed?

45 do I want to know as God knows?

46 do I really want to find God’s direction?

47 so, what’s my excuse?

48 I may be asked to act “silly” in others eyes

49 so, what does my heart think?

50 The tribal dance, source of much evil!

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