Remember the rule? If you want to know what godliness looks like—just picture what you normally do and then godliness will, pretty much, be the opposite!

So what is my normal state of mindfulness? Well, not to be mindful at all! I let my focus drift to the future the past and everywhere else. If I manage to pull my focus to the present I tend to take for granted the good and even find fault or resent it and picture and long for my present reality to be something else:





If only I had more then I would be happy, then I get more and am not happy. Look at how rotten my car is my house is my food is etc.

If only that person loved me or that one was my friend. These people I have are selfish ungrateful electronic addicts who suck my dry and return nothing etc. etc.

There is no point trying because I would just screw up everything. I can’t do this and I can’t do that and since I can’t what is the point of trying. What I could do wouldn’t change anything!

Look at me I am unlovable, I wish I was someone else.


What do I have? Let me savor it and thank God for it, take care of it and share it with others. GRATITUDE

Who is in my life? Let me love on them and learn from them, enjoy them, be glad to see them and encourage them, and seek their best interest. LOVE (both phileo and agape)

What can I do? I can move my body members as servants to God according to a growing awareness of God’s principles in action and then delight in what God is able to make out of it. OBEDIENCE

Who am I? Let me delight in God’s design and craftsmanship and how it ministers to others and allows me to be a useful part of the body, rejoicing in the gifts of others. WORSHIP ( I would that everyone could be just like I but it is OK they can be them and didn’t God do a good job on them too!) I Corinthians 7; 7   11;1  II Corinthians 11;5  Acts 26;9

We look at reality with God’s eyes seeing the good and the evil but not RESENTING not going round and round on the details  then we seize the moment with God’s help.

Problems: we accept ourselves and God’s sovereignty when we can’t fix it. After all, no one gets away with sin or God would be mocked. We bless and minister to and pray for those who curse and use us. We set limits on the problem when we can and fix what we are able.

People: we love on them and learn from them and encourage them in the Lord and set limits when we need to.

Tasks: grab with all your might.

The we ask : IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE GOD WANTS ME TO DO ABOUT THIS SITUATION RIGHT NOW? If not, Lord help me let go and grab the next piece of life

Tell me what you think

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