It has been over a month since my ability to upload podcasts went away. I have been using my time to try to solve that problem. I confess this IT stuff triggers insecurity in me as you can’t talk to anyone and it is all a mystery. It was working then just stopped. Well I need to get back to doing blogs even if I can’t podcast anymore.

I knew  two mothers.  One quoted her daughter as saying, “My mother MAKES me do the dishes.”

The second mother quoted her daughter as saying, “My mother LETS me do the dishes.”

One of the main functions of Dopamine is to cause us to sense the importance of repetitive actions. ie: the dishes, laundry, driving to work, picking up groceries, going to church, mowing the lawn etc. I think that most of us “put up with” the chores. The very word chore sparks a picture of drudgery. Yet, most of life is mundane and redundant, so, if we are able to delight in the mundane, we will find ourselves delighting in–most of life.

So often people think that they can resent school, work, chores, and all responsible behavior and then cram enough excitement into the weekend that it “pays for” the misery. Realizing that we were dead in our trespasses and sins, and are now alive in Christ, we should constantly delight in the little things. I once had my brakes sieze-up and my car went shooting across oncoming traffic straight into the mountain wall. I remember a quick prayer, “looks like I’m about to meet you face to face Lord, but I thought we had a lot more work to do first” as I smashed into the wall. The car was totaled and my chest bent the wheel since the shoulder belt didn’t hold so it was hard to breathe for a month. Still, all of life seemed so sweet since then for  I am always aware that each moment is borrowed time given to me from the Lord.

A good habit is to sing and pray without ceasing, unless it wakes other people in the middle of the night. We need to do the dishes with all our might. That’s right, dishes and laundry are definitely part of “whatsoever” thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might because even the slightest thing is far more than what we can contribute to the kingdom once we are gone. Ecclesiastes 9:10

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