MY HEAVY BURDENS –ideal–HOW I MESS IT UP–consequences–practical

The Lord asks me to bind my pride to the horns of the altar as a sweet sacrifice (To keep it from jumping off). I have always felt that the greatest humility is to quit trusting my own brain  and instead realizing that: if His thoughts are not my thoughts, and His thoughts are correct, then I must indeed be insane (the missperception or reality). The higher my IQ the greater,deeper, more complex my insanity; the more my ways seem right but the end is death!

. Challenges in life, by God’s grace, should be a blessing, a source of purpose, growth, reliance on God and his word and his people. What changes these challenges from a blessed light burden into a heavy crushing burden is INIQUITY.

What is iniquity? Deciding for myself what is right and wrong and trying to do this right in my own strength, then moaning and groaning about how hard it was: So that I might brag about being the right one, about being strong, and that I might be admired for my sacrifice.

Jesus didn’t do this even though He had the right to, the right to think on his own and do on his own and complain about the task. Unlike Him, we, like the little children we are( I John 2:1), think about and are anxious about and busy about:

1.We make situations overwhelming by making them too important, by attaching our significance to the outcome or to doing things perfectly, by not asking for help or by dumping on ourselves when we do.What do I want? What do I think would work? What am I strong enough to handle? Here, let me I do it! I will be the judge. Don’t tell me what to do or how to do it, I can figure it out for myself. I wonder what people will think of me. I will plan my path and do the works I decide are best. If it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn’t please me, why should I do it?

2.Or we might just turn off our brain and see nothing think nothing and do nothing feel nothing and blame others make excuses and bury ourselves in video games or trivial business and then complain about how badly life is treating us.

3.We might focus on everyone else’s problems and care about them and try to fix them and even sacrifice ourselves trying to help them, so that we don’t have to look at ourselves. After all if we can fix everyone else then we must be OK, right? Maybe this is what I Cor 13 means when we can give our mind, money , flesh and lives and have it mean nothing without AGAPE love. True love must look to the other’s welfare, in part, by letting the God of ALL comfort,reprove you, correct you, comfort you and equip and strengthen you so that you may point others to the same source of healing. But it always involves letting the Holy Spirit search you and help you know your own reality.

4.We circle round and round trying to find a solution. We make things bigger than we can carry by not sharing them with the Lord and the people He puts in our life. We attach our right to like ourselves to the outcome. We look anxiously into the future, rehash the past, fuss with what is elsewhere that we can do nothing about.

5.We drive ourselves with self-criticism calling ourselves ugly names questioning if we are even saved, even yelling at ourselves for failure to rest in grace better. We compare with how we used to do or with how we thought our lives would go or with how others seem to be doing.

6. We worry about the future, circle round and round reviewing the details of the past, fuss with what is going on elsewhere.

7. We stuff our feelings refuse to allow God to show himself bigger than our past. We refuse to look at what happened for fear that God can’t handle it and we would have to quit playing religion. We procrastinate hoping problems will go away or we will be more competent tomorrow.

MY HEAVY BURDENS–ideal–how I mess up–CONSEQUENCES–practical  THEN WE BURN OUT   

We may wonder why we burn out and even get upset at God for not backing up our willful ways and keeping us from wearing out.(TUNE IN FOR CONSEQUENCE AND PRACTICAL RESPONSE ON THE NEXT BLOG)





2 thoughts on “MY HEAVY BURDENS –ideal–HOW I MESS IT UP–consequences–practical

  1. You have no IDEA how needed this message was today!!! (Or Maybe you do!) I hope the next part comes tomorrow! God IS AWESOME!

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