WHY WON’T GOD MAKE ME BE GOOD I’d be OK with that!

Always remember that Jesus is a gentle lover and will not force himself upon his bride-you.

So often we play this game where we complain and resist and ignore and He is supposed to make us be good anyways, like a small child throwing themselves backwards and complaining if we don’t catch them.

I remember a man who was plagued with pornography. It had ruined his marriage family and health and he was an inpatient at a christian hospital feeling sorry for himself for what his choices had produced, He was hating the consequences rather than hating the SIN. He wanted to have God fix him painlessly without him having to confess sin or seek accountability or fight the urge to indulge. ” God why don’t you just take it away?” he cried. God’s reply! “But you like your porn and would think that  I owed you one if I took  it away. ”

I remember a man addicted to going to a strip joint. As he was headed out of his house he prayed, “God please don’t let the car start–it did. Don’t let the garage door open–it did. Let someone that I know spot me getting out of my car and cause me to stop–no one did.” He should have prayed for strength to call an elder brother at church and get real with them.

I remember a cocaine addict who spent 6 months feeling that God owed her big-time for her willingness to relinquish her delicious cocaine.  Finally she came to her senses and realized that she owed Him big time for delivering her from her chains. As long as she loved her cocaine and only hated the destruction, she was in constant danger of falling back. When we see our sin as the enemy and God as our ally against it, then we have fellowship with Him and find the strength for lasting victory.

A young couple argued about his motorcycle. Finally, fed up, she left him for loving his motorcycle more that he loved her. He soon came to his senses and said, “if you come back I’ll EVEN give up my motorcycle for you!” She turned down the offer, knowing that the rest of their lives he’d point out his sacrifice and expect her to give in on everything else.

We need to hate sin and hunger for righteousness. God wants me to hate my sin, hate it’s pleasures and temporary rewards; know that I am powerless to deal with my sin and thus avoid the devastation; know that He alone has the answer; beg for mercy and grace and be very very grateful for His help. He won’t make us be good but he will help us take steps of repentance and cause them to succeed.

Did you know that if you put out a bowl of motor oil and a bowl of radiator fluid, only the radiator fluid will kill a dog—because it tastes good. We must hate the sin for its pleasure instead of wishing we could find a way to get the pleasure without the death but still be in control and still be on the throne of our life. There is a way to pleasure without death–God’s way. Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.  IE: sex in marriage, food with gratitude and no gluttony, enjoy a job well done and give God the glory, enjoy a relationship with out fear of loss because the gift is from the Lord.

Many a young parent would love to get rid of their free will and let God make them be a perfect parent, a perfect spouse. Especially if we were raised badly and are afraid to repeat the family errors. But God is not interested in having a relationship with a “perfect” stepford wife but would rather wash us with the water of His word and help us grow one free will step at a time climbing the hill together.


One thought on “WHY WON’T GOD MAKE ME BE GOOD I’d be OK with that!

  1. Nailed it. Your three tools continue to inspire me: 1. Emergency Kit; 2. God Watch; 3. Picky Positive List. I may have the order wrong, but there is power in these simple tools… Thank you.

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