A look at Psalms 46:10

Be still, and know that I …God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord of hosts … with us; the God of Jacob … our refuge. Ponder this.

I’ve been having trouble being still in my heart for a month or so. As a severe co-dependant, I can’t stand anyone being angry with me but in the effort to help someone, (I also have a lot of trouble saying NO because of co-dependancy) they chose to get very angry. I didn’t think that the Lord was mad at me but it seems that 100 people can appreciate me and one is mad; and guess which I focus on! The other day I received a letter from my boss with the typical general “you’re doing great BUT” format followed by a couple of specific “shape ups!”

Then I was upset with myself for not being “still” inside, since that was the topic of my last Sunday school class. So I went back to the last chapter and realized that being still has nothing to do with how I am doing or what others think about me or what I fear but rather it has to do with STOP AND LOOK AT THE LORD. Still is not a feeling/it is a ceasing of my mind from fussing with this and that and getting it to look at the Lord and remember:

1.That God is my place to run to when under attack. He is my refuge and not work or food or family, these are all his tools to protect me but he is the protector.

2.That God is my only hope of handling the stress well he must be and is my strength not myself or other people.

3.That God is present, he doesn’t run away when trials come, will never leave me nor forsake me He is in me (can’t get much closer than that!)

4.That my present problem is not as big as an earthquake, or mountain slides, or tsunamis, so, if I’m not to fear those then surely fear of this is not needed or helpful

5.To drink from the streams of his word that bring gladness no matter what else.

6.That, though my enemy is ranting and raving, God’s voice drowns out their sound with his great, “FEAR NOT”

7.That God loves to bring peace out of war and when my ways please the Lord, He makes even my enemies to become my friends.


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