We all know that going round and round in our heads on negatives, eats up all our energy and leaves us depressed. Still, we keep finding ourselves doing it again. We yell at ourselves for doing it again, hoping that that would get us to quit but it is like fighting quicksand and only makes bad matters worse.

Besides, the things that we are focused on are often significant and seem worth fussing with. They are unfair, or dangerous. They could be easily changed if only this or that person would admit that they are wrong.

So what’s the process of change? First, when you awaken, thank God for the struggle that teaches you to hate sin and appreciate the Lord, then out-predict the habit brain and try to think ahead, What is likely to happen today that could trigger me into going round and round?

Second, notice myself doing it again, without yelling at myself for doing it.

Third, assure myself that if there is nothing that I can do right now, then it is OK to let it go. (This will not get to brain to quit but it must have permission to quit since it thinks that it is fussing for our own good.

Fourth, focus on A. What can I do through Christ who strengthens me. B. What do I have that God want me to stop and appreciate. C. Who is in my life that I can give and receive from and relate to? D. Who am I and what are the unchangeable feature of that? So let me be grateful to God for my design and even the negatives that sin has added but God intends for good?

Fifth, Invest in what can be done what I have who is in my life and who I am.

Sixth, Thank God for the help in refocusing and see. it as a healing thing to de despite the imperfection of the effort and the results.

Over time this will block the round and rounds that lead nowhere.

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