A friend recently asked me to discuss this fine topic.HAH! Like I will be able to convince anyone or compete with the “Great” minds of history!

Asking someone to discus free will is like inviting someone to spit on half of their friends.

FREE WILL: If my actions feel or think in a godly way, then God gets ALL the credit

BUT I get the blessing

If my actions,feelings or thoughts are harmful I get all the ‘credit’

God is just in giving me the curse.

Deuteronomy 11:26 Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse; A blessing if you obey and a curse if ye will not obey.

I remember one lady who had found grace to let go of a terrible habit. She said “I give God 60 % of the credit, I give you (that’s me) 25% and keep 15% for herself”!    I said, “God forbid, give it all to him! Quick.”  She objected , “If I have the consequences for sin why can’t I take credit for obedience?” Because without him we can do NOTHING, John 15;5,      all we have that is good comes from him, James 1;17.

Seems fair to me. If I had a great idea for a company that would make things to bless others and had no money, so I go to a venture capitalist. He says, ” I will give you 100 million dollars free and clear and you may spend it on your idea but I want to guide you to success and then put MY NAME on the company but you may keep all the profits! What kind of fool would be so big on his  own control and fame to turn down such an offer? DON’T ANSWER! You knew the the answer was Verle Bell and probably even you! For such were some of us, but we got to the end of our stupidity and accepted  God’s ‘venture capital” of GRACE. So now the great-giver is boss, He gets all the credit and we get the blessing. Oh praise his holy generosity!

So, some gift!  Free will means that I CAN’T say yes to being his bride or obeying him on my own but I  CAN say no.  : FREE WILL: THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHOSE SLAVE WE WILL BE  by accepting grace for obedience to God: or by resisting the Grace that has appeared to all men,Titus 2:11, and saying NO which IS obedience to the devil!

He designs me to be unable to choose without his awakening and empowering and YET my choice still counts. I may not be the water behind the dam or the dam or the pipe or the generator or the wires empowering homes but I am the valve that can stop the flow and reroute it over the dam causing havoc, OR I can get out of the way and watch the power flow.

Still, this choice makes all the difference and justifies this whole mess of a world! IT DOES COUNT! When I let go and let God, He can take my life and run with it and he can be in a lover relationship with me without it being perverted! Imagine if I made a perfect virtual reality wife for myself as in the movie Stepford wives. I could design her to always agree with me and fix my favorite foods and never make unreasonable demands and tell me how wonderful I was but if I “loved” this robot emotionally you would consider me crazy. If I had sex with this machine you would consider me a pervert. If God made the illusion of choice in a robot he had created but there was no real choice, and he wanted intimate relationship with this robot, he too would be a crazy pervert. Besides, where would be the satisfaction. A crazy despot might get all his people to sing his praises and “love” him but it would mean nothing. Look at the ruler of North Korea or Hitler or bad bosses or adults molesting children. They all force the illusion of love and compliance. I don’t think that God wants to join that group. It is the devil who promises you can be your own boss then strips you of all identity and choice. God is a gentleman and never forces himself on unwilling partners. When I married Lois, she was terrified the damage from her parents perversions  would preclude any ability to be a good wife or mother. She would have gladly taken a “good wife” pill and argued that it would still be free will since she had decided to give away her free will. NO, NO,NO! She must choose me daily, or not, but when she does it means something. Then I am sane and holy in accepting her choice. In the same way I can not get rid of my free will but must daily take up my cross and follow him, daily present my body a LIVING sacrifice holy and which, thank God, is acceptable to him.

What an awesome accomplishment, to make a being that one could have a holy relationship with BECAUSE THE RELATIONSHIP IS FREELY ACCEPTED BY THE CHOSEN ONE. Yes, FREE WILL God’s greatest most misterious creation.



One thought on “FREE WILL PART ONE

  1. I so love your teachings.
    I was just asked, what was the consequence of a big decision you made? My big/huge decision I made was to be hospitalized 29 years ago and that put me under your teachings for parts of the next 4 years. I learned so so much from you! (Still am learning)
    What a great consequence you have been in my life! Thank you! I always get excited when I see that you’ve written another Lasting Victory.
    Thank you, Dr Bell!

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