What a man sows he will reap. We live in a cause and effect world. If you do the healthy things you will do better than if you don’t. We realize this and agree with the Lord that his ways are better, so we have a good attitude but poor application. We put off exercising daily or eating healthy or getting enough sleep or reaching out to invest in others, or obtaining feedback that we might grow or taking time for personal re-creation or for fellowship with God etc. because we are planning to but JUST NOT YET! What’s the big deal? Do we see godliness and health as boring, hard work unsatisfying, difficult, limiting? YUP we do!

So we intend to, or we start in a partially sold out partially committed, half-hearted way. The Bible says, “try that on your governor and see how that goes”. Malachi 2:6 We know that God is worthy of worship and that his ways are better than ours but it does not always occur to us that part of worship is “Tasting and seeing that the Lord is good”, “Hungering and thirsting after righteousness as a long running deer thirsts after a cool mountain stream”

An analogy might be when we move from eating doughnuts to eating whole wheat bread, from jam to healthier things. At first the healthy is experienced as boring. When we experience life, certain things are pleasurable and we program our urge center to dump out dopamine even when thinking about obtaining the enjoyed person place or thing. The more we savor the enjoyed thing, the stronger the urge to do it again. But if we indulge in unhealthy and non God rewards they always let us down by loosing their pleasure. Yet they don’t seem to lose their pull on us when we are anticipating them. So we long for them, get them, get a diminishing reward but yet want more. When we chose godly healthy things, they may seem dull at first but they satisfy, make us rich and add no sorrow with them. Proverbs 10:22

It is an act of worship to slow down and savor what God gives us, our food, drink, clothes, houses, tools, people, health. We need to savor the good guiltless sleep he gives us when we resist sin and obey. We need to never-never do the right thing and expect extra credit by moaning and groaning about it. NO when we obey, don’t let others know so that we might get appreciated. Why should we be appreciated for doing that which is a privilege and brings blessing and joy. Instead rejoice and savor the moment as the Holy Spirit empowers you to do that which is healthy and right. If you go on a diet and the night before you go out and pig out you are telling your habit/urge part of the brain to pretend that you want to be healthy but look for ways to fail. Instead delight in the hunger and picture the blessing and that you have such a simple way to join in the sufferings of obedience and savor what ever is on your diet.

We used to suggest that people should get high on life. NO we need to enjoy and savor and feel peace and joy and hope but God has built a molecule into your brain to prevent highs from normal life. We want to be high and die when we should want to savor and live!


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