People come in whining about their  problems then when suggestions are made they shoot them down or say, “well it really isn’t that much of a problem!” So I ask, “OK so why not let it go and refocus on grabbing the life in front of you?”   “Well, they reply, it is too big of a problem to ignore and get on with life, but too small to buckle down and deal with.

People will admit that they are messed up and say “I must be hard to live with.” This would lead the listener to assume that they are ready to change. Then nothing happens and they continue to do the same “messed up” behaviors and do not seek help. They seem to be saying that by admitting that they are messed up others should see them as honest and humble and not require genuine effort to change.

The scriptures point out that the same mouth will say “I love God so much!” and then turn around and find fault with, get mad at and put down everyone around them. Yet it is a lie to say your love God and hate anyone he made and died for.

We say that our neighbors will go to hell for eternal separation from God and that we care about them. Then few show up to go calling on those same neighbors when the church has outreach days.

They say that we are trying to grow and are open to feedback and that we love the Word. Yet all scripture reproves and they never report any of the reproving from having read the word. If you gave them any feedback they would punish you by counter attacking, or by defending or explaining why it isn’t true or even by agreeing and then becoming depressed but not changing.

So, what shall we say then? Whatever is just, lovely, honest, well spoken of, virtuous. Go ahead and quote scripture and sing hymns but please let us STOP and ponder “what manner of persons aught we then to be in living holy lives?”

Tell me what you think

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