BLESSINGS ON THE LITTLE (weak, untrained,troubled,ignored, etc.)GUY- YOU and I!

John Wesley was led by the Lord to take the gospel to the uneducated working classes, and a great revival saved western civilization as a result. The Bible says that not many strong, not many wise  in this world’s opinion, not many rich will be used or chosen. We have this treasure in vessels of clay that the treasure might be seen the more awesome.

This is not to suggest that we should justify being unstudied in the word or unpracticed in prayer, or unused to witnessing, but rather that we not wait to serve till we “seem”, in our own eyes or the eyes of others, to appear strong and wise.

It also guides us to look at our families and churches to discern who seems to be the weakest and to remember that according to I Corinthians 12 21 they are MUCH MORE important than the rest. So we would do well to think, “what do we need them for, how can we give them ministry and let God bless us through them?” We need to give more honor to these weaker parts. So who do you have on your list of the “seemingly” small and weak?:  The old,the teens,mentally challanged,women, children, uneducated, low income, short, ugly, low IQ, shy, quiet etc.

I am real excited about what God is doing in my church and we are growing spiritually and in numbers but seem to not have figured out how to pull in the old, the shy, the teems. Oh, we have a vibrant youth ministry but we have not figured out what we NEED them for. Sure they are the future of the church but the “WEAK” do not so much need to be ministered to as they need to be needed, and not in a general sense such as, “Well, we need everyone.” but in a, “If we can’t draw them into doing their part then the battles will be lost and the church will not thrive!

In our church the teens go off an are not often seen in the door to door calling or visiting the shut ins or in upholding the needs in prayer. Young men, especially, want to be called to do great deeds and fight the good fight and become part of the other warriors in a battle with purpose and with things that they can do. But they have been told that they need to “socialize” with other teens and “find themselves” and “develop their individual identities”. So they go off by themselves and play and when they pass you, they look right through you if you are an older person, as if you don’t exist.

What about the shut ins? What a potential powerhouse of experience and time to tap into for prayer if we would let them know the details of the battle.

The Lord has pointed out that I have two young men in my Sunday-school class who have trouble understanding basic things and get lost in the discussion.Whey we identify a prayer need and I ask for someone to pray for the need, they never offer to try. Yet their prayers would be powerful before God. One of the difficult balances is that “WEAK” people often react to being challenged to participate with refusing and then not coming back. That is probably because they have been comparing themselves to others. Somehow we must find out how to entice them to do the little that they can without driving them away.

God has called me to minister with and to affirm the place of the seemingly weak in the body of Christ. Evey time I try to do a class or support group or in other ways contribute in the church, few people sign up, the ones who come rave about how real and helpful it is—and then don’t invite others or even keep coming themselves. So God seems to be leading me to put more effort into this online ministry. (I am so grateful to Him and to my daughter Cheri for making this possible and to all of you who choose to get my writings and podcasts.) I am also going to devote Wednesday nights to visitation of the shut-ins and the “weak” in the body of Christ. Please pray for direction and chances to bless others.


2 thoughts on “BLESSINGS ON THE LITTLE (weak, untrained,troubled,ignored, etc.)GUY- YOU and I!

  1. That was a fantastic message. I was just talking with a friend that said she felt overlooked by the church and that certain leaders favored other kids and seemed to want to disciple them more than others rather than unconditionally loving all of the kids. Those who are overlooked and missed by the church can develop hurts from this that lead them astray and make it hard to get back to God. We all have a story that needs to be heard and that can positively impact another life.

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