FEEDBACK a blessing in disguise!!

The Lord suggested that having eyes and not seeing was not a good thing, however SEEING is not as simple as you might think and has very little to do with your eyes and much more to do with your heart. It stands to reason that the closer our perception of reality is to the real thing, then the more likely that the responses we pick might actually work. If you think you see a pedal bicycle coming at you going slowly and in fact it is a semi trailer truck, you could be tempted to step out in front of it and would get squashed.

When information comes into your eyes it must be interpreted. We don’t actually see ANYTHING. We compare the incoming data with past experiences, conclude what is probably happening and pick a response from what seemed to work in the past. The back part of our cortex decides what is happening and how we feel about it and what we will do about it BEFORE the frontal lobe even begins to be aware. Now God did not design a faulty system. No, LIFE HAPPENS FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF ANALYSIS. By the time you could analyze the situation and pick a response you would either be dead or have missed an important opportunity. God also designed our brains to automatically see the problems and failures and concerns and to have to work at seeing and remembering and valuing the positives. This is a sin stained world and it is trying to kill you. First you stay alive, then you appreciate and enjoy the good.

Next God did not create your brain to hold infinite knowledge, as he does. For now we see in part. To see the big picture and pick a response that fits, we need to be humble and admit that we only see part. We must ask others how they see things , we must go to the word and memorize and study so that the Holy Spirit has vocabulary in our heads to talk to us and give us a “heads up” alert in our hearts as to what is happening.

Next, we do not SEE we interpret. It is useful to check out a book of illusions from the library and convince yourself that you SEE based on PRINCIPLES and often these principles are just not right. Only when we are humble enough to ask God to “Open my eyes that I might see” ( Psalms 119:18, Isaiah 42:7, Acts 26:18, 2 Kings 6:17,20) Can we actually see what is real. When we are brilliant ignorant children we form interpretations of the world that just aren’t quite the way things are and we need to sing with that old Irish saint, “Be thou my vision”

I do not believe that God will answer the prayer of anyone asking to SEE unless they are first examining themselves, then asking for feedback from others and rewarding the feedback by applying it and being grateful and then asking God for further insight. God will say, “why should I show you anything if you aren’t looking and listening to his servants and his word.

Lord, be thou my vision open my eyes let me see glimpses of the greatness of your marvelous whole.

One thought on “FEEDBACK a blessing in disguise!!

  1. Life giving words, Dr Bell. Thank you for this insight and clarity about how the brain functions, which matches so well with other instructions from the Word about our need to hide His Word in our hearts and remain attached to the Vine.

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