I recently had the privilege of showing a young mother the practicality of God’s ways and wisdom. I had about an hour to help her look at what she was doing in her response to life that was burning her out. She went back to some of my coworkers and was reported to say, “Another hour with Dr. Bell and I MIGHT HAVE become a Christian.

Paul was witnessing to king Agrippa who said, “Almost thou hast persuaded me to be a Christian”

Paul saw that ALMOST was not enough and said “I would that you were not only ALMOST but ALTOGETHER a Christian.

When we were homeschooling our children, I noticed that they would often seek to get by with the least possible. People raise their hands saying that they want abundant life, joy, peace, love, happiness. They want to serve God and minister to others. They brag about the ministries their church is doing, then they are ALMOST on fire, ALMOST committed, but don’t show up to help or pray.

How is it they they SEE the needs in themselves and others, they care about them, they INTEND to do something but they

Put starting off till later

Start but their effort is minimal

Start and work hard but then wear out.

They look at FULL obedience and say “That sure is hard, it can’t possibly work, I’m not worthy or skilled enough, no one will respond, I could look foolish, what will friends family and coworkers think of me?

I might lose my friends, God always gets his way and doesn’t need my participation to get it done so “God use someone else, why don’t you?” SO THEY DON’T GO FOR IT!

If you recall FAITH is obeying God when you have all of the above feelings but are grateful and understand that His ways have to be better than your alternative ways.

So let’s not be ALMOST people but be TOTAL SURRENDER and I’M ALL IN “Here am I send me” people.

Remember: the impossible with GRACE is no sweat and God gives GRACE to the humble. If we are focused on “What’s the least that I can get by with?” then the whole thing is without GRACE and even easy things will overwhelm.


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