So many Christians wonder at how lacking in power and joy they are. They are trying to walk a line in the middle of sin and righteousness and that line is a totally godless spot where they will find no help from grace.


When is the last time someone saw how you were acting and concluded that there must be an awesome God acting through you? When the last time you were accused of being a “Christian nut?”

Picture the average European soccer fan or even the less “crazy” American football fans. Does the god of sports deserve more enthusiastic worship than the GOD OF GOD’S? We are dead to sin that we may be ALIVE to God. How much time and money and thought and talk and memorizing etc. does the average sports fan put into their worship?


Let him be in ALL your thoughts.

Talk always about his wondrous deeds in your life. I have a pen that literally saved my career because I can write all day without hurting. The inventor talked incessantly about his ideas till one of his friends said, “you’re not talking about that pen again are you? Nonplussed, he replied, “Hey that would be a great name” and called it (pen again)

Share all your thoughts and joys and needs and feeling with him. We know that we can’t keep secrets from him but we need to counsously take our inner heart chatter to him so that WE KNOW that HE KNOWS and can rest our hearts.

Do all to his glory. Let him be the alpha and omega and all the letters in between.

YOU WILL BE AN ADDICT! Addicted to sin addicted to God or addicted to pretending to be your own boss and experiencing leanness of soul.

Similar to all bloggers, I often wonder “is anyone listening?” I am contemplating a podcast of this material for those who are too busy to sit and read my blog. If you would be interested and think it a good idea please say so on my messages and comment section. Thanks Verle


  1. Hi…I do enjoy reading Your posts, I find them to be both uplifting and challenging. I don’t think I would listen to a podcast, but don’t let that hinder you, do both!

  2. Thank you for writing. I enjoy and am taught by what you share. I do not know about podcasts, but I have found your presentations on youtube and I have your book and videos too. I appreciate your ministry and insight and teaching/counseling very much. Thank you. I am listening, and being blessed, by your work past and present.

  3. Amen to being a Glorious Addict!
    I like to read your posts, I’m not a podcast-er… πŸ™‚
    Thank You for each one, even tho I don’t respond to each one…they are always teaching and affirming and convicting. I can hear you in my head as I read each one. I like that! πŸ™‚

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