I was talking to someone who was concerned that they would get bored being immortal. What would we do for all eternity? Of course they were thinking of eternity on this planet surrounded by sin and with their own sinful tendency to be stressed with striving to be strong and perfect and the whole time being bothered by not dwelling in the here and now but letting their mind wander to the future and wallow in the past. Trust me, eternity won’t be a problem because our attitudes will be perfected, but it doesn’t hurt to practice in the NOW.

We are commanded to take no thought for the morrow but rather focus on today. One gift the Lord has given me as early as my teen years was the gift of dropping out of time. I had been immortally alive since I was 5 years old and time seemed irrelevant. I watched my peers ignore to privilege of learning and being in the present because their happiness was connected to the weekend.

WHAT’S THE RUSH? Death is but a transition from one home to another. Lois and I have moved over 30 times in our lives, so what’s one more move?

In heaven will we be eagerly awaiting the future, ignoring the wondrous present? But we are already immortal! It would be wise to start practicing seizing life one moment at a time, savoring what we have, relating to who is in our lives, doing all things with gusto.

The bad attitude of thinking life starts only after we get to heaven often causes us to not grasp the privilege of NOW!

Think with me of all the COOL STUFF WE CAN do now that WE CAN’T DO IN HEAVEN. Oh yeah I won’t object when he calls me home but WHAT’S THE RUSH? On earth we can do battle with evil, we can witness to the unsaved, we can practice faith, we can comfort the ill and wounded, we can lay up treasure in heaven, we can encourage the weak, we can restore brethren overtaken in a fault, we can apologize and ask forgiveness,we can join in Christ’s sufferings and labors, we can pray power into the battle, we can hold up our pastor’s hands when he is weak, we can teach and share with others what God has done for us. Now is the day of salvation, Now is the appointed time. When THEN becomes NOW  then we will be free to freely grab that reality BUT NOT YET MY FELLOW IMMORTALS.

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