Did you know that 100% of the things you feel think and do today will be PREPROGAMMED?

Yes there is free will and accountability but it does not lie in the ability to just be good. It lies in the ability to agree with God that I am a mess and to cry out for help and to get help from others. I believe that everyone is accountable because the grace to admit my sin and ask for help has come to all people.

I must first admit that my programming is not godly and then cooperate in the process of rewiring the brain. Most of my decoding of what is going on, how I feel about it, and what figuring out what I should do right now : arrives at the front of the brain fully formed and totally determined by what I have yielded my body members to in the past. “Know ye not that his slave you are to whom you have obeyed, whether to God of evil.”

Imagine a family with a husband and wife and 4 children. He labors under the delusion that he is in charge.(That’s like your frontal lobe) He wants a quiet Friday night to read his magazines BUT THEY are in the other room plotting on how to get  him to take them out to a new movie. SUDDENLY they burst into the room declaring,” Hey dad there is this cool new movie blah, blah, blah. Next thing you know, he’s on his way to the movie with the gang.

I push Lois around in her wheelchair at the mall, and notice that people decide to go to another part of the mall and take two steps in that direction BEFORE they start looking to see if they are about to bang into anyone. Their brain has decided what to do and has started their body moving accordingly even before their frontal lobe starts to assess the situation. Has your mouth ever started talking before you had thought through what the Lord would have you say? Have your emotions been riled up at “those horrible drivers” before you asked what would Jesus do?

How do I become to slave to God or the devil?– by yielding my members over and over till my neurons are wired to push in that direction every time. That’s why I have good intentions and poor follow through, why I have insight and no application. Here are the steps of rewiring and all require grace to overcome my nature and let his nature take over. Before salvation I can only do the unrighteousness because even trying to be good in our own turns out to be the worst sin. After salvation I have the right to reprogram but it is not forced on me (as often wish it would be) Instead I must cooperate with God to REPROGRAM:

  1. Ask God to open my eyes to the responses he wants you to change. Reading his word for reproof is a good place to start.
  2. Ask God to show you what the opposite response would look like. The goal is to put off the old BY putting on the new.
  3. Pay attention to life as it flows by. God teaches and renews by giving you opportunities to obey and to yield your neurons to a new way of firing.PREDICT, PREPARE AND NOTICE THE PATTERN POPPING UP IN YOU “Hey, there I go again, thanks for helping me catch myself.”
  4. Do not yell at self for doing it again, this just strengthens the response like an alcoholic yelling at themselves for drinking again.
  5. Realize that your brain learned the wrong response because (there are ways that SEEM right to a man but the end is death) so lower brain thinks it is trying to help. ie: worry will find a solution, bitterness will protect, comparison will motivate me etc, etc, GIVE YOUR BRAIN PERMISSION TO CHANGE by saying “my responses haven’t worked and won’t, might as well try God’s way.
  6. Move your body members according to a growing picture of God’s principles in action.
  7. Tell your brain: “see that is what God’s ways look like, isn’t that better?”

Don’t be impatient, it take roughly 3 months of obedient practice for the new wiring to be automatic.(Even then be careful)


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