Do you get tired at times? Of course. Yet, if you are doing your part of any endeavor, God will give you grace. So, if you are tired you must be doing God’s part of the endeavor. Job’s to big for anyone and God stubbornly refuses to give me grace to do his part.

How do I cooperate with the Holy Spirit to consistently remember, picture and act in the fact of who I am in him?

Here are the STEPS OF REPROGRAMMING THAT I share at work.

IDENTIFY a pattern to reprogram (ie trying to do God’s part for him), Admit that I do and don’t minimize or deny or water my pattern down. Realize that these patterns burn me out and rob me of joy, besides, just don’t work on the problem at hand.

  1. NOTICE that I am, right now, reacting to a life trigger by: letting my brain circle on: how stupid and bad I am, how I used to do better, how others are doing, all the bad outcomes possible, searching for solutions I can’t see, just how bad it all is, etc.
  2. DO NOT yell at myself for “doing it again” Jesus knows I’m made of dust.
  3. DO ASK, “What am I supposed to do about the situation I am tense about right now?” Then do the little I can. Yield my members slaves to God.
  4. GIVE MY BRAIN permission to quit going round and round if there is nothing to be done right now. It will not find a solution but rather burn itself out. Give my brain permission to quit motivating myself with negatives. It does not result in higher function. Then ask myself “what advice I would give someone else just like me in the same situation?” Then consider my own advice.
  5. REFOCUS ON THE NOW, (Who am I where am I what is the sweet little piece of life passing in front of me right now that all this round and round would cause me to miss?):a.What do I have in my life. b.WHO do I have in my life now. c.WHAT can I do
  6. .INVEST IN THESE THREE:a.Savor what I do have, my food, drink, clothes, shelter, music, nature, etc.(even if what I have doesn’t seem like much, it’s what I do have! b.Engage with who I do have in my life, love on them don’t try to fix them. (even if who I have are pretty limited and messed up. They are who I have! c.Those things my hands find to do: do with all my might, (even if it feels like I can’t do much! Just don’t get uptight)
  7. SEE OBEDIENCE AS VALUABLE EVEN IF IT DOESN’T MAKE ANYTHING FEEL BETTER RIGHT AWAY a.Investing large amounts of thought and energy in the NOW and then moving on, will not wear out the brain and allows the brain to slowly reprogram responses. (Don’t forget that reprogramming take 3 months of consistent practice.) b.Doing the healthy thing always leads to short term worsening of anxiety depression or problems in relationships but then to long term improvement. So we need to validate our efforts even if we feel worse or don’t get immediate benefit.


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