We are all familiar with the discussion of  FAITH not WORKS. Boy is it a struggle not to want to attach some of our security and worth to what we do compared with others because “grace doesn’t feel quite adequate: or to skate by doing little and even wallowing in sin and refusing to examine ourselves because “It’s all under grace, all under the blood.”

There is a similar struggle with our need for JESUS vs. our need for OTHERS.

I feel that it is safe to say that Faith is enough, but if it doesn’t manifest in works then something is wrong. In a similar manner Jesus is enough, more than enough, but he himself will lead us to minister to and receive from others. If we have no burden for others or delight in fellowship and in being part of their growth: then can we be truly focused on Jesus. After all he is focused on them and if we are watching him we will give attention to what he cares about.

Still there are times in life where we may not have ANYONE else listening to us, enjoying our presence, affirming our differences, or even paying attention. Sure we have facebook and the illusion of others involvement. It used to be that lonely people were left in a deep quietness and had to feel the pain and run to God and reach out to others. Then came books and TV and now the internet which can give the illusion of relationship but often leave us empty.

First we must be OK if all we ever have is Jesus. Yet he is invisible  and doesn’t help with the dishes. Still if we work at talking to him all the time it helps. Pray without ceasing, do not cease to pray for others, give thanks always for all things. In all your ways seek to know him better. His presence will grow if we are faithful to listen in the still small voice when we are still and know.

It is fine to ask him for others in your life who can help you better picture how he feels about you.  It’s not like a wife asking her husband if he wouldn’t mind if she had other boyfriends. It’s a lot more like enjoying your parents and the siblings as well. As long as you hold ALL relationships in an open palm, so that, if they were removed, you might say. My Jesus you gave me this relationship, thanks. Now you have taken it, thanks that you never leave me nor forsake me.

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