When our children were homeschooling, they would always try to see WHAT WAS THE LEAST LEARNING THEY COULD GET BY WITH. They are doing better with that as adults, but we all struggle to get by with the least of the truly good things in life. GOD, THE WORD OF GOD, PRAYER, LEARNING, WORK,CHILDREN, EXERCISE, ETC. Why what is wrong with us? (Don’t get me started with a list of what is wrong with us–the blog would never end) Part of the trouble is we resent work and all the above take time and effort. Remember that God created work as a gift to man before the fall and a help with fighting sin after the fall. I love the advice that a world famous weight lifter gave on how to grow and thrive. “work out till you can’t do anymore and then whatever you do after that will build muscle”. We don’t like to spend and be spent, to get to where we have done all we can and must throw ourselves on God. We need to get to the end of ourselves and throw ourselves on God if we want to develop “muscle” in prayer, understanding and applying scripture, raising children, etc. We compare with others or say “I’m doing better than I did, I’m trying.” If we are walking with God at all, then comparison will slow down our growth because those around us are not even trying.

If you were told to take a suitcase into a room and that you had 10 min to stuff as much money as you could into the suitcase which you could keep. Would you go to the pile of 1’s or to the 100’s and would you quilt after one min or be stuffing right to the last? May God find me stuffing my heart and mind and life with MORE OF HIM right to the last moment I live.

3 thoughts on “WHY NOT MORE?

  1. Thank you so much Dr. Bell for this reminder and encouragement. I needed to hear it today.

    As I read your blog post an example that came to my mind. Have you seen the movie “Schindler’s List”? At the end is a very moving scene in which Oscar Schindler is with some of the Jews he rescued. Schindler is weeping. He pulls of his wristwatch and says he could’ve sold it and saved another life. He points to his car and laments that it could’ve bought several lives. He saved 1,200 Jews from the Holocaust but regretted that he didn’t save more.

    When I get to the end of my life, what will I see so clearly (as Schindler did) that I failed to exhaust all my energy and resources in accomplishing? This is worth considering while I still have the time and the will to do something about it.

  2. Too many times we find ourselves saying God will always be there. With this thinking we can always do it tomorrow. We need to understand that Christ wants more of us. He wants to do more for us. The only way for this to happen is to make Him a priority not something or someone we run to when there is nothing one OUR agenda.
    The agenda for man has become feel good, temporary pleasure, what I think is the best. When we decide to say God set my agenda then is when we can find everlasting peace, love and joy. We need to set our eyes to Him make Him our first priority on our agenda. Just like the camp I direct letters stand for Jesus, Others, You. This is how we find JOY.

  3. You nailed it again, Dr. Bell. I feel like sometimes in my immediate family that I am the only one who does not have an aversion to work. Not wanting to be the only one trying hard to grow, I sometimes find myself getting lazy rather than seizing every opportunity the Lord gives me regardless of who wants to run with me. Thanks for the encouragement.

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