Radical Moslems attack us and they are the bad guys which justifies us filling their countries with soldiers and bombs which makes them feel justified in blowing up innocent civilians in crowded shopping places. After a while no one can remember the original reasoning that starts feuds. Remember american  history and the Hatfields and McCoys? Do you remember what started it. I doubt that they do themselves. Now it’s the police who shoot unarmed civilians which makes others feel they can shoot the police. So now the police are heroes. All I know is that, in this sin damaged world, I’d rather live in a society with police and army to protect us that trust in the basic goodness of mankind to behave itself without them. Yes  I know the George Washington said that there can not be enough police or soldiers or guns to control a society where the majority is not following Christ.Apart from Him, the truth is, THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS NO NOT ONE!. We read that in the end time lawlessness will run wild and AGAPE love will vanish.

So what can one do?  Fight lawlessness and the lack of Agape love in YOUR OWN life and reach out to the people around you. Work with the police to support them and hold them accountable. Reach out to victims of abuse or racism and love on them while calling them to a higher standard.  Hold up God’s Agape standard that all people are His marvelous creations and equally loved and equally paid for by his blood. He is no respecter or persons. Greek or barbarian, rich or  poor, wise or foolish.

Go ahead take sides! Just always take BOTH sides. I remember when I was able to do a lot of couple counseling. Each one felt that I was picking on them and taking the others, side. By   God’s grace I tried to point out to each one what they needed grace to change. Be for the police and for the victims of prejudice. Both sides will be mad at you then but God won’t.

What have you done or not done recently to follow and support the rule of law in our country? What have you done or not done recently to minister to others regardless of the cost to you?