I have been pondering Ecclesiastes 9 for a while, and, as expected, it keeps opening up new truths.

When we notice ourselves reviewing the details of life’s problems and injustices, we need to do what God asks us to do about them but soon there is no more to be done. Then we need to REFOCUS. But HOW and ON WHAT?

FIRST: see the big picture. Every person, deed, organization and object will vanish so completely that they will be forgotten, EXCEPT BY GOD.

Passions like love , hatred, envy will seem pretty pointless unless we love God and what He loves, unless we hate evil, unless we are jealous to maintain godly relationships. All other passions will fade. Verse 6 . So why the vexation of spirit?

SECOND:  REFOCUS. From what you don’t have– to “what DO I have?” Verse 7, 8 This is your “portion” from God.

From who isn’t in your life or the imperfect people that are in your life– to who IS in your life. Verse 9

From what you can’t do– to what your hand CAN find to do Verse 9, 10

THIRD:Remember that to displace a negative we need to yield our body members equal and opposite to our natural inclination and with equal creativity and passion.

So it isn’t enough to focus on what we do have but to eat with joy, drink with a merry heart, delight in the fine clothes he has provided and put on the sweet smelling oils he has made available.

It isn’t enough to focus on who you do have:but to live with them joyfully all the days of your life.

It isn’t enough to focus on what you can do:but to do it with thy might.

These are all gifts from God and enjoying them is an act of appreciation and worship. Paul says that he learned how to be content with having much as well as having little.


Remember to love people not things, to savor things and use them to help people, never turn people into projects. If they want to grow–help them but don’t try to fix them. If they are messed up and don’t want to change, enjoy what you can and live your own life to the full and set limits when needed but don’t try to fix them.

Pour all your energy into the projects at hand remembering that you are God’s marvelous handiwork created to be just right for the tasks you find. \

This intense FOCUS will effectively pull your mind from the destructive negative round and rounds and  not deplete your brain of its’ energy.



  1. So true! It wasn’t until I began practicing living with a grateful heart, and it does take practice, that I began to see even the menial things as something to be appreciated.

  2. Dr. Bell that was a good message. I’ve been able to do that for the past 12 years. Finally found the right meds and life has been good. But I’m running into a problem right now and that message was well needed. Thank You Jesus.

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