What do you call someone who reads and responds to a blog? A blogee perhaps? That sounds too plain. A participant?

Well ,one commented that he found the thoughts on my blog interesting and “basically” agreed.

The truth is that the Lord has helped me not to want anyone to agree with me. As Paul says “Who is Paul?who is Appollos? For that matter who is Verle? It is the Lord that counts.

I have had the interesting experience of debating with someone and apparently “winning” the debate. Still I don’t want to win, I want to get closer to the truth. So I kept pondering the issue and a week later went to the other person and I explained to them why they were right and I was wrong and how to stand their ground and apply the truth more effectively. In fact, I always get excited when something does not make easy sense to me but seems to be where God is coming from, because as I struggle to see why He is right and I am wrong, I am blessed with a larger understanding of His wisdom. I used to attend a Bible study with a group of Univ of Mich students. It struck me that they were trying to see if they agreed with God’s Word or not. What? It is not our job to agree or disagree but to try to let the Holy Spirit stretch our understanding to comprehend His ways.

So dear one, whatever I am supposed to address you as, if you could bless me with the part of what I have shared that you “basically” agree with, but not fully, I promise to pray and search the scriptures and be open to stretching.

I am currently running into attitudes in the Psychiatric leadership at my hospital. Attitudes that ares closed and can not consider that their way of practice might benifit from some creative adjustment. They are terrified lest there be, in truth, a better way and they might not be able to master it. That what they have learned might not be the best.

The Lord allowed Lois and me to start a community teaching and mutual support program in Wheaton Illinois. I was so excited with what the Lord showed us and how He was blessing that I invited a Christian psychiatrist to come and see and consider doing something similar herself. Instead she was bothered by the Lord’s creativity and by being confronted that she had no ability to use the scriptures in a practical way herself. So she went to the administration of our clinic and badmouthed the whole program and eventually had it shut down.

Beloved, always remember that your thinking is full of firmly believed delusions that get in the way of God expressing his creativity. Yes, I know that He never changes, He is the same yesterday today and forever, yet he is often unpredictable and creative in his approach to building the church and reaching the lost. Paul said that he would be all things to all people if by any means he might win some. Even a pagan Incan king saw that because the sun was too predictable it could not be a god. The real God would have to be even more creative and unpredictable than he.

Abba, thanks for being so wise and for loving me and, as I age turning 67 in a couple weeks, keep me flexible and creative that you might use me to bless others. Love, your little boy, Verle.



  1. Yes, more of the great I AM and none of me. Great thoughts to ponder building up the truths beheld by others. What a wonderful attitude – to become a seeker of truth in others. Thank you, Verle.

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