How can I know that I am crossing the line from my responsibility in the current situation to taking ownership of God’s responsibility?

Think with me, how much grace will God give you to take his job from him? How much help do I really think that he needs to handle his part?

Obviously, He wants me to stick to my part so when I do I will experience plenty of grace and there will be no tension, but without him I can do nothing and when I try to do his part I will immediately become stressed.

I knew a man who knew that he was a bad driver. He would stop and accelerate and turn much too fast. So he purchased a sensitive farm bell and set it on the front seat and it was always clanging. When he learned to drive without clanging, he had become a much smoother and safer driver and did not wear out his car so rapidly.

I find it to be an invariable rule that when I feel any uncomfortable emotion I AM CROSSING THE LINE. I should immediately go to God, to obedience and then to rest. In fact I am so bad at the proper experience¬† and use of depression, anxiety, overwhelmedness, self contempt, guilt, loneliness, or anger that, when these well up, I can be confident that I am grabbing God’s part again. So I stop and ask, “What part of my current focus does not belong to me? Am I focused on the past, on the future, on elsewhere, on controlling others insides, on doing things perfectly?”

My brain comes with a manufacturers manual. “If I use it according to the rules and I will have plenty of neurotransmitters to stay calm focused and motivated.” Break the rules and there is not point in complaining to the manufacturer that my car won’t run on water or my brain function when abused. He says that I must cast ALL my cares on him or accuse him of not caring. He says to take no thought for the morrow or accuse him of not knowing what the morrow will bring. He says that it is vain to do anything that He has not asked me to do and if he has asked me then I should get up at a reasonable time, enjoy my work and get a good night’s sleep. Psalms 127. By getting up too early being miserable in my work staying up too late I am accusing Him of being unable to handle it without me and of taking advantage of me.

MY PART: To move my body members according to a growing sense of God’s principles in action.

HIS PART: Everything else. Restoring the years that the locust has eaten. Making my feeble efforts produce fruit in the present. Building His church. Securing the future. Taking care of loved ones far away. In short, of all the RESULTS.

So this week learn to love the clanging bell (no not me, although you may learn to love me too) the clanging bell of your tension. Then learn to “drive smoothly safely and with less wear and tear, first by doing your part and then by casting all your care on him.

4 thoughts on “CROSSING THE LINE

  1. Once again, great idea! I once put a 1/2 glass of water on my dash board to train me to me take off driving and come to stops without spilling it! It worked! I can see how these questions will train me in similar ways to stop trying to take over God’s part! Thanks Dr. Clang (I mean Bell!) …and yes I’ve learned to love you! It was quite easy, actually, because you are one of the “Safe Guys” in my life!

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