Like all scripture this idea, being faithful in small things and then God will entrust to you the great riches, has one meaning but many applications.

The Lord has been talking to me about noticing and appreciating and benefiting from the “little things” he does for me, being faithful to appreciate the little evidences of his love. He often talks in a still small voice and not in the rushing wind or earthquakes.

He counts the hairs on our heads and cares when the sparrow falls. When we were young that would amount to 150,000 for blonds, 110,000 for brunettes, and 90,000 for redheads. Of course the number has fallen over the years.

I believe that, in order to encourage us with the fact of his existence and that he is watching and caring, God loves to do little things to bless us.

That way free will and faith are not messed with because what is encouraging proof to me might seem like pure coincidence to those who have no relationship with Him.

He works out the timing of things to allow ministry and sometimes just to show us how much he is thinking about us

. One time I had a flight back from vacation cancelled and could not get out till the next day and would arrive exhausted. I was on a waiting list for another earlier flight but was given no reason to hope. I remember whining to the Lord that if I were God and my bride was needing a flight, that I might pull some strings. Then I thought that that was rather petty and told him that it was OK and just give me the strength to get through. Five min later my name was called and so many people had given up and gone home that there was room for me.

One time I had driven the grandchildren all the was from Grand Rapids to Warren dunes on lake Michigan to see a partial eclipse of the sun. There was a storm on the lake and the eclipse could only be seen for 10 min as the sun set into the lake. There was no chance to see it so we climbed the dunes, swam in the lake and drove home early.  I was a few miles north of South Haven when I looked to the left across an open field and there was the partially eclipsed sun! I got off at the next exit, raced over to the lake and there “just happened” to be two empty lots for sale with no houses or trees and a perfect view of the lake. (Someone) had taken his finger and lifted the cloud for about 5 miles so that I could see the eclipsed sun hanging there under the black cloud with lightning coming down into the lake.

My wife Lois gave up the regular purchase of Bigby coffee in order to donate more to church. Then “by coincidence” we found an Italian device for 30 dollars that makes espresso coffee at home that tastes just as good.

We love it when God does big things. I remember as a freshman in college that the Holy Spirit interrupted my hectic workload to urge me to write a grateful letter to a missionary I had known as a child. Later I found out that he had become severely depressed and my letter came just in time to remind him that his life did count and God was keeping track. He came out of his depression and the end of his life was victorious.

However He has a special reason that He wants us to see and appreciate the little things that He does for us. He want you and me to remember that He loves us as individuals and not just as tools to accomplish his will.


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