Two men leave the same housing development, drive through the same traffic to the same job at the same time. The only difference is Mr. A expects people to drive properly .Mr B expects people to drive poorly, unaware of those around them and being rude and careless.

NOW which one A or B arrives at work upset and tense? Who spends the day getting more and more bothered when his boss is thoughtless, when his coworkers don’t pull their fair share of the load?

The scriptures share that there is none righteous no not one. The heart is desperately wicked and we can’t even know our own heart. That our thoughts are not His thoughts nor are our ways his ways. There are ways that seem right to me and just lead to death.

Perhaps the most irrational thought possible is “HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THAT WAY?” They can be that way because they are JUST LIKE I AM, a sinner to the core.

When I learn to expect myself and others, in this sin plagued world, to drive badly and get away with slovenly work and not appreciate others; I am not so bothered when they, or we, act as expected . In fact I feel affirmed in the accuracy of my world view. I feel “tickled pink” when I see God’s grace and ways break through even in the unsaved . So I find that Mr. B, the one who expects negative behavior winds up less stressed.

When I understand my own uncanny ability to pick the wrong response every time; then I am more likely to catch myself responding badly. I am more likely to not trust my own nature but to seek in God’s word , and with the Spirit’s help,  the right response and the power to yield my body members slaves to God and not to evil.

Remember: ALL scripture is given by God for 5 purposes.

1. That we might know what is the godly response to the current moment.

2. That we might be reproved “You tell me to do XYZ which means that I must naturally do the opposite to XYZ. The right way  would simply be to yield  my body members opposite of my natural inclination. You tell me not to do ABC so I must naturally to the opposite; so Lord help me to stop.

3. That we might find the tools and strength to change the problem in me.

4. That I might develop virtue and skills and purity so that God:

5. Might help me reach out to minister to others  and that I might not only find life but  find it abundantly


  1. “Perhaps the most irrational thought possible is “HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THAT WAY?” They can be that way because they are just like I am, a sinner to the core.” Another Bellism to put with my classic words of wisdom from my dear Dr. Bell!

  2. Verle, each time I have attempted to press the comment button, it doesn’t do anything. It might have to do with my geographic location and crummy internet connection or it might be a glitch in the blog software or both. At any rate I have missed your blogs AND I have replied and not heard back from you. Maybe I am not alone. I am so glad you mentioned it. I especially am encouraged by this reminder of our innate wiring. However, I also feel very very sad about it, too. Especially when it peeks out of me. 😥 Suzanne in China

  3. Dr. Bell, it is good to have you back online. Though I have been blessed to be one who was allowed to sit under God’s teachings through you years ago in a hospital, and my life has since then been grounded in grace, I still need this plainly spoken reminder of my fleshly thinking. My symptom is that I feel “stuck”, so you would think that when I have that feeling that I would remember that I am then not living in grace, but in Galatia. But since it is my mind that is trying to fix it, and my mind is the problem, I am so grateful to have this word spoken to me from “outside my mind” into my spirit. I will pray for clarity for my mind and I will pray for you to have freedom from side effects when medications are needed. I am grateful that you have been willing to be so used by God to deliver these messages.

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