If anyone is still listening out there, then you have my heartfelt appreciation. I haven’t blogged for a while for a couple of reasons. I was on a medication that messed with my short term memory so that the Lord would give me ideas and then when I was at the computer I couldn’t remember what they were. I’m off the medication and grateful to say the problem was not senility or “senior moments” because the memory has come back. Praise the Lord. I also makes me even more careful about hard to detect side effects of medication. Then my computer just wouldn’t connect to the internet. I finally spent 45 min on the telephone with a computer whiz at my provider’s and we finally figured it out. Again praise the Lord. Lastly, the Lord has made me to do best when interacting with others. So far I have had little response to any blogs. When I do get a question or comment, and I always respond to these, I never get a response to my response. I was whining to the Lord about this and He said that I should do the blogs for my own wellfare in order to fix the ideas in my own mind and life and quit worrying about anyone else listening in. STILL, if anyone would like to engage in a debate or add ideas or seek clarification or share how what I write helps, I’d be aided by that.

9 thoughts on “SIGNING BACK ON

  1. I always appreciate and benefit from what you share Dr. Bell.
    Thankful your sanctified reasoning is restored!
    And direct interaction is best – but for those who find themselves in an isolated position your words are life giving. Keep it up! We don’t know how the Lord uses us – blog to His glory and the benefit of His sheep. Baa

  2. I’m glad you’re back! I’m really, really glad you’re not senile! I just got finished posting your last blog about Mr A and Mr. B to my own site! Thanks!

  3. I think writing for your own welfare is key and may, in time, be the thing that keeps people coming back to your blog. People like to learn from the experiences and reflections of others usually more than hearing someone’s scholarly advice. I’ll keep looking to hear more from you!

  4. Hi Verle,
    Just discovered your blog. I have been dealing with BiPolar. I think you’ve known me in the manic stage. Not on correct meds yet. Will respond when I have better concentration. You’re teaching revolutionized our relationship with God and one another. Look forward to reading your blog.
    Give my love to Lois.
    In Christ,
    Nancy Bacon Cocagne

  5. Dad, one big thing God has really showed me is be willing to do and not expect great results. You may never see the bloom but it does not mean it happening. You are being used to bloom me I know.

  6. Dr. Bell,
    I’m so sorry you had a run in with difficult medicine. It happens sometimes and glad you were able to stop it. I have appreciated you counsel as my Doctor and on this blog. May God bless as you endeavor to please HIM above all else. May God bless you in the future. Sincerely, Diane V.

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