Reader comment:”Something else that I think about is this continual struggle is proof of salvation! People who struggle with “am I saved?? What if I’m not?” … look at this flesh vs spirit struggle; do you have this struggle? Does it drive you crazy? That’s evidence of authentic salvation (because it’s evidence of the Spirit living in you). If you did NOT have this struggle (or any desire to pursue Christ); then you would have a good reason to question. What are your thoughts on this?”

I led a support group that had three people who worried that they had committed the “Unpardonable Sin”. Sometimes I felt that they wanted to believe this because it got them out of the struggle of WORKS, of trying to be good. I assured them that ALL right dividers of the Word of God have agreed that “If you wish you hadn’t committed the unpardonable sin–Then you haven’t!” As the comment above noted-the struggle proves the work of the Holy Spirit and the battle for your mind and heart. The devil can not steal your Grace but he can lead you to doubt.

Remember what I consider to be the “grain of mustard seed faith” That is to remind ourselves when in doubt to hang on to the Lord and his ways and to keep walking because: THERE IS NO OTHER NAME GIVEN AMONG MEN THAT CAN SAVE US–WHERE ELSE CAN I GO TO FIND THE WORDS OF LIFE.

The best natural witnesser I’ve known was a missionary we called brother Oper. Towards the end of his life he became suicidally depressed thinking that his life didn’t count. Then the Lord brought a letter of appreciation at just the right time and pulled him out.

My own father felt depressed for about four years in his late 60’s then the Lord helped him get back on track.

Charles Spurgeon struggled with depression and the Lord led him to the psalms and he started to write a commentary and then the depression lifted. (Probably his best work)

John the baptist went from “behold the lamb of God” to “check and see if he is really the one”

Yes, I struggle. In every case when I feel depressed or wonder if my life counts or did I really get saved, (A common struggle with people who get saved young and can’t remember the exact moment) I find that I have crossed the line from yielding my body members servants to obey God and instead am trying to do God’s work for him.

To find peace again:I remind myself that all other paths involve works of which I am incapable so Jesus is my only hope. I then thank God for the struggle since I am told to be grateful always for everything. Finally, I then review the elements of salvation and realize they are still present and have been all along since I was saved at age 5.

  1. I have admitted myself to be a sinner and powerless to pay for my sins.
  2. I have asked God the father to forgive me, cleanse me and accept me on the basis of Jesus’ finished work. Then I get busy serving Him and others, as that is what the devil is after- causing doubt to get in the way of the Lord using you to bless others.

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