I remember those tapes you used to loan to me! 🙂 This was good for me to hear again. I’m definitely going to work on doing more of my part. Hold me accountable, please. Thank you for your wisdom, Dr. Bell ~ you are such a blessing to many. I am going to pass your video along to two of my friends. 🙂 God bless you!

Thank you Michelle for sharing the video. That is a real encouragement to me. I have always been puzzled by two responses to the things I feel the Lord wants me to share with others. One: lots of appreciation for the practical truth, and Two: no evidence of people sharing it with others. I do feel more and more that the Lord wants me to put my energy into internet work. So it encourages me to see it help others. Please free to share it with anyone who is open. These ideas are universal and lead us inevitably to GRACE the only way to truly be passionate and peaceful.

Dad’s memorial went wonderfully and we all made it home safely in the new fallen snow. The Lord is good to us.

Besides sharing with others and encouraging me, I’d be so grateful for any Dear Abby type questions. Remember that the Word of God is profitable for all aspects of life. God has wired my brain to respond best to questions. I do get some from time to time and  even then, when I respond, I do not get any follow-up “well what about this or don’t you think that?” back and forth discussion. I’ve been told that that is standard with the internet but maybe we could be less standard? Could you all try to listen and watch for life question this week and send them to me?

With all my love  and life passion for Christ. Verle

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