Only three years in the making, The Lord has allowed me to move my practice slowly and creakily into 2015.  Years ago when the insurance shrunk inpatient times down to 2 weeks from 3 months, I was led to put my basic theology for Christians on cassette tape. It is still available on my audio part of my web site. When I used to counsel I would have the people bring a recorder and tape the session and listen to it between sessions. Now, in the hospital, I have been begging them to let me put my discharge one hour lecture on youtube. I cover far more than anyone could possibly remember and knew it would be helpful to have it in a convenient format for them to review. It took the hospital 2 years to vote to let me do it and then over six months to find someone to record it and upload it.

It covers what is our part in resting in Grace and not squandering our precious reserves on worry anger self contempt guilt bitterness works etc.

SO NOW HELP ME GO VIRAL. HAH! But do consider reviewing this useful review and if you find it helpful share it with a friend. My reward is that I have a connection to my blog and hope to drive some traffic that way.

Pray first for God to use this to heal and bless others. He has been so good to me to give me time with my Dad before he ascended Jacob’s ladder. Dad’s memorial is this Saturday. Pray that it will give the Lord one more chance to use my father’s life to minister to others.


I know, pretty complicated but it works. Your servant in Christ Verle

3 thoughts on “FINALLY A YOUTUBE by Verle

  1. I remember those tapes you used to loan to me! 🙂 This was good for me to hear again. I’m definitely going to work on doing more of my part. Hold me accountable, please. Thank you for your wisdom, Dr. Bell ~ you are such a blessing to many. I am going to pass your video along to two of my friends. 🙂 God bless you!

  2. Thinking of you, Dr. Bell, as you grieve your father’s passing into the next life. He certainly raised a fine son. You are a blessing to so many, especially me.

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