This last week I was at church and they were talking about the Michigan State Michigan football game. NO that is not the favorite American thing to spend time on.

A Russian comedian once came to America and noticed what our favorite things to do was. A counselor was teaching on my inpatient unit and he had everyone ponder what they spend their most time doing. Was it sleep, eating, working , commuting etc. NO

The comedian gave us a clue, by pointing out that we do this activity most during a time we call HAPPY HOUR, no it isn’t drinking. He pointed out that we whine and complain about the weather, roads, government, our job, our boss, our family, in fact pretty much everything. It seems so innocuous, everyone does it but God seemed to be pretty upset when the Israelis were whining about how boring life was. He sent snakes to bite them to liven things up.

When we moan and groan over how hard things are, our brain has to waste energy and serotonin trying to calm us down. “What’s he uptight about? The government? yea that’s a problem so what is he going to do about it? NOTHING? So why is he wasting time and energy on that?”

So how are you coming at dropping out of this national sport and developing some PICKY POSITIVE muscles of gratitude for little things and giving thanks to the Lord in ALL things.


Tell me what you think

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