Tuesday morning Lois and i had to show up at metorpolitan hospital at 5:30 in the morning and I had a new bionic hip in by late that morning. The Lord gave me many opportunities to share the wonder of his Love and provision with the hospital staff, and He led me to an excellent surgeon. I’m told it should last the rest of my life if I behave myself. There is a long tradition of doctors being difficult patients, so He helped me work to reverse that preconception. By Wednesday at 4 they were discharging me to home. My awesome grandson Joseph, who is 10, is staying with me a Lois and helps me pick up things and cooked breakfast-tosaster waffles and scrambled eggs and TV dinner for lunch. Through your prayers and the supply of the Spirit of Christ I am recovering well.The Lord provided a power chair for 25 dollars at the PineRest thrift store plus 20 dollars for a couple bolts and bug spray. He also found us a 5ooo dollar electric wheelchair at Habitat for Humanity that was brand new. Someone had purchased it for his wife then she recovered. So Joseph and I went out for a spin on it today to enjoy the beautiful fall day.

See, prayer does make a difference and although I still feel as though a mule kicked me on my left hip, I can get around safely  and feel better than yesterday.

Love Brother Verle+

4 thoughts on “THE LORD IS GOOD

  1. So glad it’s going so well. Tom and I have been praying every morning for good experiences and quick healing! We miss you both. We never cease to thank our Lord for the influences you and Lois have contributed to our lives. Love good news!

  2. So happy all went well. Can’t believe Joseph is 10 years old! What a wonderful day it was for you both in your scooter chair, ha. Continued prayers, John and june

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