In comparing ideas, it is useful to ask” WHAT IS THE SAME BETWEEN THESE? AND WHAT IS DIFFERENT?”


All three, love hope and faith arise out of belief. Belief that is so strong and real that it FORCES ME TO ACT ACCORDINGLY ,grabs my thoughts and engenders powerful emotions .

There are beliefs that are neutral such as, (the nearest star beyond the sun is a brown dwarf called Proxima Centauri). Too many Christians allow their beliefs to be just that. Things that they know but forget and never ask the question. “What manner of person ought I than to be?”


LOVE–Is focusing on the others’ best interest without regard for self.

Love for God arises out of accepting that he first loved me, that he really, really likes me and wants to be my best friend and awesome lover for all eternity. LOVE–for others arises out of the belief that this person I am now interacting with is of infinite worth, purchased by the blood of the Lamb and loved by my Lord:

This causes me to think through what would be in their best interest and be willing to seek their interest without regards to personal cost or needs, and delight in ministering to them.

HOPE-Is actively picturing that which will be but now I cannot see.

Hope arises out of the belief that God’s promises are true. Hope is made solid by faith and faith is the evidence of things hoped for:

This causes me to picture these unseen and future promised realities, give up current pleasures of sin for the solid awesome treasures he has for me, and act in ways that fit with these pictures, laying up treasure in heaven, and being excited at the privilege to be fellow sufferers and laborers with Christ.

FAITH– Is doing what only makes sense based on LOVE AND HOPE offering ourselves living sacrifices. Faith arises out of the belief that doing things God’s way has got to be better than any other way, especially better that doing it my way:

This causes me to study his ways and yield my body members according to a growing picture of these ways in action; obeying when I am sure I will loose all, look like a fool, fall on my face, botch it all horribly, yet  obeying out of a love for God and for those he loves (everyone) and being pulled forward by the things hoped for. The grain of mustard seed faith is “where else can I go? what else can I do? I confess that I’ve tried it my way and know for sure that can’t work. So even though I can’t see how God’s ways would work, here goes.”

The three are tied together and feed each other. Ask God to increase your love for him and others by increasing your awareness of being the chief of sinners forgiven. This will allow you to picture how having Jesus, eternal life, and salvation that God will surely, along with him, freely give us all things. So jump in and act accordingly which lends solidness to your Hope and strength to your Love and on and on.

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