The other day I was listening to an NPR program where a scientist admitted that his evolution bias had caused him to assume that primitive chimpanzees would behave like animals and never show altruism. That these higher functions would come from further evolution and education and . Things such as sharing and apologizing and making up after fights. Then, one day, he watched some chimps longer than usual. He saw the usual  but also watched as later the e tribe gathered around and oversaw the two fighters “kissing and making up”. As he observed more closely he saw lots of evidence of positive group interactions. Of course his evolution bias then interpreted this to show that even the highest moral function in mankind is just part of our upward and onward development and religion and God have nothing to do with it.

I thought about this for a while and saw the flaw in his reasoning;TRIBALISM IS NOT MORAL.

There is plenty of “moral” behavior in people whom Charles Spurgeon called the “decent heathen” but if you look closely it is only towards those we see as part of our group, or to  that we and the other members of our group are superior to the other group because we do good works towards them. In fact most of the great evil in this world comes when we put other people into “not my tribe” groupings and justify using abusing and lording it over them as a result. The only place that I see urging us to see all men as equal and to value and receive from the wisdom of, and meet the needs of those who are radically different from myself: IS IN JESUS CHRIST who is no respecter of persons. Human beings without Jesus are no better and probably worse than a chimpanzee.

God looks on the inner man but without his help we are always fooled by the appearance. “And seeing the multitude Jesus taught. He wants you and me to look past the gender, age, wrinkles, hight , verbal skills,clothes,religion, language, social habits,hygiene, moods etc, etc, and truly see each and every person and his beloved child for whom he died and whom he loves.

Jesus longs to give us his seeing eyes and has given us a seeing-eye Holy Spirit to help us. One of the best gifts you can give a spouse, family member, church member, coworker, neighbor and enemy from elsewhere is: to say “I truly see you” I’ve put myself in your skin and see your wisdom and needs and good goals.

When I am at church and everyone is running around shaking hands, it still bugs me that they shake my hand and are already looking at the next person. We need to stop and truly care how they are doing, find out what God has been doing in their lives.


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