God wants his people hot or cold. This lukewarm stuff is nauseating to him and he wants to “spue” us out of his mouth, a nice way of saying he is disgusted with lukewarm. He’ll take a passionate David any day even if David is passionately messed up at times, over a person who sits in the back row at church and doesn’t cause trouble but doesn’t change the world. He’s looking for a Saul to turn into a Paul.

Being “hot” does not mean that I am always gung ho, always energetic, just always focused on relationship with Jesus. Well I’m needing a spark these days. I believe that God is helping me relate to suffering people by gifting me with chronic pain leading to poor sleep. My usual abundant energy is playing hide and seek. True I’ve only to wait to October till I get a new hip and,if all goes well, the pain will decrease and I’ll have more energy. I guess on this blogging thing that I had come to count on all that energy to tack it on top of all the other things that I do. Lately the Lord has been talking to me about seeking his face in regards to prioritizing and doing the blog when I am dogtired, because it is what he wants. When David went to worship God, the local farmer offered to give the king his oxen and the wood of the plow for the sacrifice and David said “NO why should I offer God that which cost me nothing. So I guess the real act of worship arises more out of doing this blog despite being tired and not out of the work itself.  I want to be HOT not so much in emotional or physical passion but HOT in talking to him and depending on him.

I had a pastor friend who was depressed. He spent many hours trying to stitch together a sermon and then delivered it in a flat monotone due to little energy. The whole time he is thinking, “I shouldn’t be in the pulpit, God needs and deserves enthusiastic pastors to build his church.

At the end of the sermon, as was his habit, he asked those who wanted to pray for salvation or for personal growth to come forwards. Half the church came forwards and the other half knelt to pray where they were and God moved. The pastor swore he heard the Lord say, ” And you thought you had something to do with it!”

So ask the Lord to make you HOT in obedience if not in passion.

All my love to my brothers and sisters in Christ who are in chronic pain and chronic tiredness. Do the little you can. One of the basic principles of life is that doing THE LITTLE I CAN must be enough or God would be unfair. He then takes my effort and makes it worthwhile. It doesn’t take many fish to feed the crowd when Jesus is in it.


2 thoughts on “DON’T MAKE GOD PUKE

  1. A godly missionary friend of mine shared with me how the Lord used thyroid cancer to humble her. She had been raised in the mission field, was bilingual, and felt that her mission field was in that country where she was raised to serve. She was “hot” for the Lord. She loved the language and the people and the culture. When she graduated high school, she attended a Christian college in the United States and then returned to her father’s house in the mission field to continue his work in the culture where she had been raised.
    My friend was well known for her faithful service both in her denomination and other Christian churches. She served in her church, a Christian missionary training facility, and the local churches doing training seminars or playing special music. She befriended me other non-natives who needed to have a friend to speak English to. She refused all offers of marriage until she met a man called to that special place. They were joyfully married and got established in their field. The Lord provided their support, housing, and even special things like a washer and dryer-not common in that country. She was very happy serving God.
    Overnight, my friend’s life changed when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer. She and her family had to suddenly leave their country, vocation, and all their well made plans and possessions to relocate in the Unites States for the lifesaving care their daughter needed. When the child was well, my friend was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which was also successfully treated but left her without the abundant energy she previously possessed.
    For the first time in her life my friend struggled physically. She no longer had help in the house that had been very affordable and common where she had served. Now instead of being a busy missionary joyfully serving in churches and Christian schools, she was a home-maker with no help in the house other than her family and she suffered from severe fatigue. Also her missionary husband had to take a regular job. She lost her identity. She struggled to get that fire back.
    My friend shared that the Lord used this major life change and all the trials to convict her of her pride and to teach her to be content in His will. She said that the Lord revealed to her that when she had been a big producer for the Lord she sometimes lacked patience with others who did not have her training, abilities, high energy or drive to serve. She shared with me that her walk with God became deeper when she had to live with physical limitations and learn to serve where God took her instead of where she planned. The pain in her life sparked even more desire to serve in a deeper way with more empathy for others.
    Dr. Bell shared years ago that people who feel good, just get up and go. There may not be any special reward in that. Then he shared that when one is sick or clinically depressed, and we do the little that we can even when we don’t feel like it, that God rewards “our feeble efforts”. He said, “Just use your body and take the next step-just one step at a time”. Those words have encouraged me and helped me to try when I didn’t feel like it, and the words of my friend have helped me not to judge others in areas that I might excel at. It is really hard to overcome physical and emotional limitations, but so much easier when we think of the Lord using even these hard things for our good and to see others overcoming and not being ashamed to share their struggles.

    I thank God for teaching me to keep trying even when I don’t feel like a “hot” Christian. I can make a choice to try. Right actions will bring right feelings. I can choose to try.

  2. I’m totally tearing up right now as I have been having a very hard time sleeping for most of the last 4 years. I am so exhausted right now I can’t think straight. I have been thinking that I’m disappointing God…been begging Him for sweet sleep. He gave me a cool dream that had someone encouraging me. How can I figure out how to get to sleep better? God wants us to sleep, doesn’t he?

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