You know that I have always been excited about the power of words to help people. What is true? What works?

One of the puzzles over the years have been people who are great at memorizing the ruth and spotting it’s practical application for others and unable to use it themselves. Patients with the diagnoses of e personality disorder are awesome  co-therapists and cal memorize the  and see how it applies  to others and share it in ways that bless others bt turn right around and ignore the truth so much that they are trying to kill themselves and running for all or life’s challenges and even success. Anti social personality disorder people can fake the truth so well that they convince you that they are genuine and really love the Lord and can be trusted. I was recently conned by a couple who were so seemingly genuine and needy that i still like them and wish I could believe that somehow I was mistaken in my perception that they ripped me off. The Bible teacher that contributed most to my practical understanding of using God’s truth for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction in righteousness, wound up being thrown out of ministry for having sex with young girls he was supposed to be mentoring. I knew of an Army chaplain who quoted scripture so well he could convince his victims to have “godly” sex with him.

YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE! What a promise! So why doesn’t knowing the truth well enough to repeat it, teach in and use it to help or con others not set these people free?

Well, I don’t pretend to KNOW the answer, but you know me by now, I always have an opinion but want you to ponder this puzzle before I share my thoughts. The sobering truth is you and I must be careful that our own KNOWLEDGE  goes beyond what they did if we want to be free.

The clue lays in Jesus’ words “I AM THE TRUTH!”  It is all about ongoing relationship with Jesus. If you know Him, really know Him, HE will set you free!

This word know is interesting. It involves, “In all you do seek to know Him better and he will direct your paths.” It is knowledge by experience, the kind of knowledge I mean when I say that I know Lois after being married to her for 45 years. (Wow that sound old!) Why do you read Jesus’ love letter and loving advice column to you? (the Bible) So you can brag to others about how much you know the book or so you can know the author? Do you read it so that you can say “Sure God’s ways work for others but not for me so someone somewhere has to fix me I just can’t do my part; I’m trying and it just doesn’t work.”? Do you read it so that you can look godly and get people to like you or so that you can use them.

FREEDOM comes from only caring about Jesus, talking to him without ceasing,letting him comfort you and assure you of his unlosable love, fearing only the pain you might cause his loving heart, longing only for his wisdom his peace, talking like an infatuated high schooler to everyone who will listen only about Him. Then there will be nothing significant that you can lose, nothing to fear. “They were their whole lives in bondage because they feared death.” For to me, to die is gain, and the life that I now live down here, I live by the strength of his faith in his own ability to finish what he starts despite the feeble flesh he has in me to work with. He loves me now and will present me to himself a lovely bride without wrinkle or blemish!



  1. I’ve come to think that folks can make the Bible their god instead of Jesus, especially if they become arrogant about their knowledge of Scripture. It’s an easy trap to fall into. John 5:39-40 : “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me, yet you refuse to come to me that you may have life.”

    Hey Dr. Bell, for witnessing opportunities check out where you will find many people wanting answers about life and God. Lots of atheists too! And so many questions revealing hopelessness and despair. Hundreds of views on your answers too. Look me up there! I’m being challenged in trying to come up with sound biblical advice. And I can’t believe I’m actually doing evangelism.

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