The monkey story reminds me on how people like to go swimming, but only put their feet in, they don’t want to get wet even though they enjoy dancing in the rain.
 “they enjoy the fun worship but are terrified they would drown if they gave themselves over to fully trustin and being fully immersed in Jesus” (quote by myself Verle Bell).
 If only they would get in they then would truly know what it means to fully enjoy the water.
At times in our christian lives we want to have that fullness of Christ in relationship, but we only put part of our body into the water not our full selves. We make limitations/ barriers on ourselves to safeguard ourselves so that we do not get hurt.
 “Can you believe that we fear that God, having given us His Son would not also with Him freely give us all things? That God would rob us of our identity after He so brilliantly crafted us? That He somehow intends our hurt? That we would be better at safeguarding ourselves?” (quotes be Verle)
 If only we would only put our full trust in Him, then we would become the person He made us to be.
   Paul stepped out and got into the “water”. If he had held back, feeling unworthy as the Chief of Sinners, what kind of witness would he have been? He knew in the process that there may be things he would not enjoy; mostly though, he knew that in the outcome he would bring glory to, and have a close Relationship with, Christ and the Father. 
    I like the fact that you tied everything together in the main point, WE WERE GIVEN A GIFT THAT WE HAVE NOT FULLY OPENED.

 The main question we have to ask ourselves is when and how are we going to open it? Today is the day of salvation and today ought to be the day that we rip the rest of the wrapping off and enjoy the gift fully.

By Danny Ray Sturgill Lois and Verle’s son in law and a youth minister.

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