OPEN YOUR PRESENT.     I recently heard a pastor encourage us to take the present we’ve had for 2000 years and open it and play with it, already!

Jesus bought us the gift of forgiveness of sins and power to do the opposite of our natural inclination.

Once a group of monkeys, raised in cages, was released to the wild. Their cages were put into a clearing, bananas were placed in the clearing to draw them out, and the gates to their cages were opened. The monkeys clung to the back of the cages in terror of the gift of freedom. Jesus bought our freedom to live abundantly, not so that we could sing about freedom and stay in our cages.

Remember the lady who, being defiled, chose to touch Jesus’ robe?   She was a profound theologian. Before Jesus, every time dirty touched clean-the dirty stayed dirty and the clean was defiled. She realized that when her dirtiness touched his clean-He would stay clean and she would be cleansed!

This had happened before in a one cell embryo. When the godhead merged with human genes, boy did it have some dirtiness to clean up! Jesus was now a descendant of Adam! The scriptures say in Hebrews 7:9,10 that we did what our ancestors did! Fortunately He was still fully God and His infinite purity overcame the enormous inherited sin and cleansed it. 2Corinthians 5:21 He who knew no sin BECAME SIN for us, that we might be made the righteousness of God.

Look at His first ancestors Adam and Eve and right down the line: rebelling against having to ask God the Father as to what is right and wrong, enticing others to join into our own rebellion, failing to set limits on other sinners because we don’t want their displeasure, blaming God for tempting us, blaming others for our behavior, not facing up to what we’ve done and trying to hide our sin. And that’s just Adam and Eve! If you continue down His line of ancestors you find: lying to protect yourself, talking others into lying, trying to gain God’s favor through deceiving relatives, adultery, murder, prostitution, judgmentality, favoritism, trusting self rather than God, pride, etc .etc.

Jesus took on all these sins and overcame them and then paid for the sins of the whole human race and stands ready tol produce not only our cleansing but empowerment to do the opposite.

He did the opposite. He did not think His own thoughts but only what the Father told him “not my will but thine”, He draws others into submission to His Father, He spoke out clearly against sin, He was always completely open and honest, never used relationships to others’ hurt, brought the dead to life, judged evil not personal worth or hope, was not a respecter of one person over another, and trusted His Fathers judgment in all things.

It’s Christmas-time to open your GIFT and delight in and revel in and act in the cleansing and power He bought for us. Don’t just sing about, drive it, play with it, wear it, and rest in it.


BELL NEWS: New granddaughter, Cheri and Michael Fields and their other 5 children are all delighting in the new little girl HOPE. She is nine months and thinks her grandfather is worth bouncing up and down for when she sees him-so pretty smart. Robert and Cathy are living in Wisconsin where she is a professor at the university, having earned her doctorate. Robert’s job appreciated him so much that they allow him to work for his Texas firm from Wisconsin. William is living in California and we hear from him about every three months in his struggle to find stability. Debra and Danny Sturgill are expecting their second child and their first one, Ray was born two months early. Lois was able to go to Columbus Ohio and sit in the neonatal intensive care unit and spell Debra until little Ray was well enough to go home. Deborah is having some difficulties with the new one and must lie around for a couple months. Not an easy task for her as she is always on the go. Mary and Jay Kumar are in Kalamazoo. They enjoyed a visit from his parents this summer, all the way from southern India. We enjoyed meeting them but communication was difficult. They liked American ice-cream so we enjoyed a walk to a local Coldstone ice-cream store and when Jay was there he interpreted.

Lois and I were told by our condo that they did not want renters anymore, so buy or get out. The Lord provided a small cottage a block from work and we have decided to sell the farm and live near work. I have severe arthritis in the right hip so the farm is impractical and Lois’ diabetes makes her anxious about retiring to the farm anyhow. Old age need its own special grace to handle change. I’m a little tired from the move and haven’t been keeping up on the posts. Please forgive me and stay tuned for more consistancy as things settle down.

The Lord also talked to me about putting the time that the hobby-farm would have taken, into improving my blog. Look for improvements in the blog and hopefully some audio and video work. I am even reading Blogging for Dummies to try to drag myself into the modern age.

Please check out LASTINGVICTORY.COM Any and all comments on the blog will be gratefully received.

Also check out Cheri’s blog CREATIONSCIENCE4KIDS.COM which is full of fascinating facts and ideas and aimed to equip young people to stand their ground with knowledge to defend the truth of scripture.


  1. The monkey story reminds me on how people like to go swimming, but only put their feet in it. they don’t want to get wet even though they enjoy dancing in the rain if only they would get in they then would truly know what it means it fully enjoy the water. at times in our christian lives we want to have that fullness of Christ in relationship. but we only put part of our body into the water not our full selves into it. We make limitations/ barriers on ourselves to safe guard ourselves so that we do not get hurt. If only we would only put our full trust in Him, then we would become the person He made us to be.
    Like Paul if he had not stepped out and got into the “water” what kind of witness would he have been? He knew in the process that there maybe things he would not enjoy; mostly thought, he knew that in the outcome he would bring glorify to, and have a close Relationship with Christ the Father.
    I like the fact that you tied everything together in the main point, we were given a gift that we have not fully opened. The main question we have to ask ourselves is when and how are we going to open it? Today is the day of salvation and today aught to be the day that we rip the rest of the wrapping off and enjoy the gift fully.

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