Christians and sin

COMMENTER:” I really listened to this on grace. I was very good. I am going out to get a notebook and listen again.

Question.  I sin every day even with a thought. I don’t believe anyone is sinless free. We sin every day but God forgives us.  This I am having trouble with .

Sinless (how) do you yourself not have a thought that is sin or an action.

Do you just ask for forgiveness? This I’m not sure I agree with.

I am going to listen again it is great what you spoke of grace. But we are human and God knows this, we just have to ask for forgiveness.”

VERLE: OK my friends, let’s have some thoughts from you. Are you sinless? If not is it OK for God to forgive you? Is He co-dependant and an enabler if He loves screwed up people?

I was moderating a group a few years ago which contained a young man who spent all his time building his muscles and practicing kick-boxing. He kept wanting my opinion and I would redirect him to asking the group first and then I promised to add my thoughts afterwards. He saw this as a putdown and flew into a rage and tried to kill me. The Lord gave me grace, and enough wind, to talk to him as he was strangling me and remind him that God did love him and so did I and he might want to pick another approach. He left off killing me and yelled, “Now see what you made me do!” and stormed out.

So, here I go again and I’m asking the “group” out there in blogland to try to answer the above question and I will post your thoughts and will probably have a few of my own.

3 thoughts on “Christians and sin

  1. “I sin every day even with a thought.” I am sinful but I don’t think that my thoughts make me sinful. James 1: 14-15 says we are tempted and drawn away by our own lust. Thoughts will come to me but it is my choice to act/not act on the thought. If I reject the thought I have not sinned, rather I’ve had a victory.

  2. It’s how we ask for forgiveness. Are we truly sorry (contrite), do we hate our sin, do we fight against it more every day? By faith in Christ we are justified (He looks upon us in love as if we had never sinned). By His Spirit we are sanctified (more and more we reflect His image by being good stewards of His gifts and blessings). When we live in the Vine we produce good fruit – and we will resist the devil and sin. Does that fit the question?

  3. God creates out of nothing. Wonderful you say. Yes, to be sure, but he does what is still more wonderful: He makes saints out of sinners.
    ― The Journals of Kierkegaard
    Yes God is an enabler! He enables me to resist sin and when I fall, to ask for His forgiveness.

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