COMMENTER:I needed to be reminded to be thankful for God’s grace showing me the process of aging. I just wish it didn’t hurt so much! Hallelujah!
VERLE: No! Don’t BE thankful.

Instead,say”Thanks”, it’s different.

An all knowing God would not be irrational and expect you to see what there is to be grateful for, but He can see it. An all powerful God would not expect you to generate the strength to tolerate the pain, but He would be able to handle it. He indwells your obedient worship of saying “Thanks” and pours His peace and gratitude and strength in through the window of our obedience.

When Betsy Tenboom thanked God for the lice without seeing anything to be grateful for-God showed them how the lice protected them from the guards. When Corrie Tenboom extended her arm to the former guard, God’s peace flowed through her.
Watcham Nee said,If the lawgiver sitting on the throne, asked me to keep His commands, that would be unfair. If He asks me to get out of His way and let him indwell me and keep His own commands through my yeilded members. Now that would be fair!

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