What is manna? What is it. That’s what I asked. Yes, I know, that is what it is. What? Manna, it means “What is it”. The Israelis went out and saw this food all over everything and said, “What is it?” and that became it’s name.

They deserved to be abandoned from the God that they were complaining about and carrying false idols from Egypt with them. Instead He gave them tents that did not rot, shoes that did not wear out, water from the rocks, leaders to guide them, light by night, and a cloud by day to lead them and daily bread. Lord give us today our daily bread. So what was their consequence for refusing to trust Him and go into the promised land? BOREDOM. They would all die bored in the wilderness. They should have spent those 40 years teaching their children to obey God no matter what. Instead they spent them whining about their consequences. They did not like to depend on God, one day at a time, so they gathered up enough manna to last a week only to find it all rotten the next day.

What do you deserve from God? As the chief of sinners, I shudder to look at what I deserve! Instead we receive daily GRACE.  Do not try to gather enough grace for tomorrow by worrying about tomorrow’s food and clothing.  Tomorrow’s grace must be sought tomorrow. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Where todays evil abounds, grace  even more abounds. Do you sometimes fret about getting old, and how will the children or grandchildren face the changing world of tomorrow, will we be able to handle our possible pain and weakness and society’s rejection of truth?

Collect only todays “manna” grabbing ahold of the business at hand and yielding your members instruments for God to use. You will face tomorrow’s worries today at your own peril and in your own strength. No grace for tomorrow today. Remember without Him you can do nothing. So, grab His hand and walk through the now.

Psalms 127( Verle Bell version) If God ain’t in it- why bother it’s a waste of time- to build things or guard what we have built or accumulated-but if He is in it: get up at a reasonable time, whistle while you work, quit at a reasonable time and get a good nights’ sleep. Jesus and His grace will be there in infinite supply tomorrow. CHILL. (Then He will let you raise children, the job that can only be done with copious amounts of resting in daily grace.)

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