Thank you! thank you! thank you! My brain is wired to be triggered by comments and questions and I have been encouraged by recent contributions from friends.

1.COMMENTER:Oh, to have found this blog and you again! I look forward to checking this all out. I want to thank you, so much, for being on my path of growing in JESUS. Our paths crossed in the early 90’s, in Wheaton, IL. I still have the tapes and wish they were CD’s, for I still listen to the tapes periodically and hoping they don’t break. I have your book True Freedom (picked it up at the group reunion, in the UP many years ago) and enjoy reading it from time to time.

VERLE:The tapes and CD’S are all on this blog! Go to the audio selection and start with the first and you will find them. Thanks for the encouragement. God is the general contractor of our growth the author and developer and finisher of our faith. I do like being a subcontractor to do odd jobs with him helping you and others focus on His marvelous truths.

2.COMMENTER:Oh gosh! I was thinking I was doing well just to keep my mouth shut as I snatched something out of someone’s hand so I could do it the “right” way. Ouch!

VERLE:Welcome to the club. Remember that ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God to show us truth, all truth will REPROVE, then will correct that which it has reproved and then go on to equip us for any possible situation we might face. If you go to the word and it doesn’t reprove you go back and read it again.

3.COMMENTER:Thank you for the reminder that we are all on equal ground here. I remember you telling me once when I was inpatient, that the doctors and nurses and patients were not on different levels of who is higher or lower, we are all equals and trying to help each other.
As with most anything you say to me when I have to be in the hospital, this hit me well, and meant so much.
PS I even told about you telling me the story of the boy who took the cookie before dinner and guilt on my own blog the other day. It helped people see into my soul a little more since I am so much that boy. And those who already knew me best, knew exactly and immediately it was just like me.

Thank you, always, my equal sinner but equally saved and forgiven by God’s grace.

VERLE: One of our equalities is to ask God to forgive us and then not receive it or rest in it. The story is of a boy who is caught stealing cookies, has discipline administered, asks for and receives forgiveness and goes his way, 15 min later he returns, “please forgive me, I feel so bad about what I did, I’m such a bad little boy ” Mother says, “it’s not how you feel, you sinned against me and I’ve forgiven you so you are forgiven-like it or not” 20 min later he returns ” I still feel bad and have been thinking about all the other bad things I’ve done and I don’t deserve to be forgiven.”  Mother says ” It has nothing to do with deserving it, I gave you forgiveness because that is the kind of mother I am and I love to love even undeserving children who say they are sorry- so chill kid!” 20 min later then boy returns “I’m not sure I can respect a mother who forgives horrible boys like I  am, I am so un fixable and bad I am giving up and will now go live out in the woods, I don’t deserve to be part of this family” About now the mother wants to pick him up and do something to break him out of his insane self contempt. SOUND FAMILIAR?

COMMENTER:Thank you for reminding me to watch my tone and attitude. I am aging, as well as you are, and hope that I am treated with more grace than I give. Hallelujah, God is good!

VERLE: How’s that aging thing going? Have you remembered to thank God for the process of aging? We can see the results of the fall from grace (illness, tiredness, labor,aches and pains, memory problems etc.)as bad things; or we can see them as gifts from the God who learned obedience through suffering (Hebrews 5:8 Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered); and will help us go through aging with grace and learning and ministering. I knew a lady in my youth who befriended me with odd jobs and taught my sundayschool class and loved the Lord. Yet as a single old lady in a nursing home she decided she was worthless and decided to starve herself to death. A friend of ours came and took her home to be grandmother to his 12 children and she began to write to all the missionaries on the planet and pray all day long for the kingdom, even though she was week and old, she did more for God’s kingdom in the last days of her life, than in the rest of it altogether!


  1. Loved these. Can’t believe I never heard the story about the boy who stole the cookie and couldn’t receive forgiveness! (That I can remember, LOL) This sooooo used to be me! How many other stories have I not heard, I wonder!?

  2. I needed to be reminded to be thankful for God’s grace showing me the process of aging. I just wish it didn’t hurt so much! Hallelujah!
    Verle: No! Don’t BE thankful, say”Thanks”, it’s different. An all knowing God would not be irrational and expect you to see what there is to be grateful for, but He can see it. An all powerful God would not expect you to generate the strength to tolerate the pain, but He would be able to handle it. He indwells your obedient worship of saying “Thanks” and pours His peace and gratitude and strength in through the window of our obedience. When Betsy Tenboom thanked God for the lice without seeing anything to be grateful for-God showed them how the lice protected them from the guards. When Corrie Tenboom extended her arm to the former guard, God’s peace flowed through her.
    Watcham Nee said,If the lawgiver sitting on the throne, asked me to keep His commands, that would be unfair. If He asks me to get out of His way and let him indwell me and keep His own commands through my yeilded members. Now that would be fair!

    Ephesians 5:20
    giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;

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