A fellow soldier for Jesus writes “during a recent conversation with my son he made the comment that I get mad at him a lot. I was floored! cause I am very careful not to say the wrong thing as my son has had a very difficult year with illness . he then said it was not anything I said but my tone!”

Thanks for your example. I often add to my poorly controlled tone, rolling my eyes in disgust, jumping in and “fixing” the situation that the other person is responsible for which says ” you are too lazy or incompetent and rebellious to respond to my asking so I have to cover for hopeless you!etc. No wonder no one likes to hang around with me, except my grandchildren, God bless them.
I tell you, it it weren’t for GRACE! Can you imagine watching video tapes that had footnotes on what our heart was saying played before all at the judgment! Good thing God has such a good ability to choose to forget.

Verle, chief of sinners, and I can prove it!

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  1. Thank you for the reminder that we are all on equal ground here. I remember you telling me once when I was inpatient, that the doctors and nurses and patients were not on different levels of who is higher or lower, we are all equals and trying to help each other.
    As with most anything you say to me when I have to be in the hospital, this hit me well, and meant so much.
    PS I even told about you telling me the story of the boy who took the cookie before dinner and guilt on my own blog the other day. It helped people see into my soul a little more since I am so much that boy. And those who already knew me best, knew exactly and immediately it was just like me.

    Thank you, always, my equal sinner but equally saved and forgiven by God’s grace.

  2. COMMENTER:Oh gosh! I was thinking I was doing well just to keep my mouth shut as I snatched something out of someone’s hand so I could do it the “right” way. Ouch!

    VERLE:Welcome to the club. Remember that ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God to show us truth, all truth will REPROVE, then will correct that which it has reproved and then go on to equip us for any possible situation we might face. If you go to the word and it doesn’t reprove you go back and read it again.

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