OBEY and CHILL ends in themselves

Hope you had a BLESSED EASTER!!

Well, no new comments or questions this week, so I guess I will just ramble about some things the Lord is talking to me about. I also looked over my blog from last week and you might review the changes. It is interesting that, for us ADHDers, we think that we have communicated well then we read what we wrote and note that some ideas are not fully fleshed out. This way of thinking does well in lectures, which I no longer have the opportunity to deliver,but not so well in print. My daughter Cheri suggests that I do more audios so pray that I will be able to find the equipment and time to give that a try.

The Lord wants me to, RELAX and go for the gusto! Or something like that.
Be calm and care intensely, peaceful and passionate, urgently patient, etc.

First, He wants me to witness to my daughter and son who have decided to be the “masters” of their own life and decide for themselves what is right or wrong,even when I’ve witnessed over and over without result. He wants me to confront passive aggressives even if I have never seen any of them respond with healthy growth. This investing is hard for me. It is so much easier to invest when we have the delusion that the outcome is sure to turn out as we would like.To go passionately into the fray when defeat seems sure requires that I RELAX in Him remembering that I am a success when I obey, they are blessed if they respond, and the results are God’s.

To invest when one is pretty sure that the outcome will be bad is to be intensely godly! Look at what happened to the crowds that followed Jesus. Where were they when he went to the cross? Look at what we humans have done with this whole awesome world and life that God has given us. Look at how many stood with the apostle Paul when he went to trial. YET TRY THEY DID AND GOOD CAME EVENTUALLY, just not on the timetable and in the way we would have expected.

Being intensely human, I am having trouble keeping motivated when things don’t come as smoothly as I think they should, so pray for me to keep my focus on obedience and not outcome. Physician, practice what you preach? Eh?

One thought on “OBEY and CHILL ends in themselves

  1. I have the same problems with witnessing, so I need to pray and obey about this also.I have to remember just what I AM responsible for, and what I’m NOT! I need more grace to recognize when I’m moving in on God’s territory.

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