EMERGENCY KIT-people who care

My ‘heart’ chatter tends to focus on what I don’t have rather than what I do have; people who don’t like me, rather tha
God wants me to be grateful always for everything, but all of us have “this is just too much” lists in our hearts. AA uses the acronym HALT for hungry, angry, lonely, and tired for conditions to watch for. I like to use BLATHERED for bored, lonely, angry, tired, happy, excited, rejected, energetic, or depressed. The point is that even feeling states whether they seem positive or negative, can become an excuse to let down our guard and fall on our faces. Instead, they need to be triggers to run to God and others for support crying, “HELP, THANKS, SHOW ME YOUR WILL.
How can we prevent feelings such as loneliness from becoming an excuse for sin?
We need to be grateful always for everything even for uncomfortable feelings. Thank God for your loneliness, it is an indication that you need more real relationship with Him and his people. Let it drive you to fellowship more with Jesus. If I managed to abolish all longing for Him by cramming my life with entertainment, noise, busyness, etc. How empty that would be.
When feeling lonely I should assure myself that He is enough, though I wouldn’t mind more relationship in my life. I remember a missionary locked in isolation in a communist cell in order to prevent him from witnessing to fellow inmates. All he had was the Lord and for a long time the missionary had no sense of His presence. Eventually he worshiped the Lord by affirming that what Christ had already done for him was more than enough and that he would continue to talk to and praise the Lord even if he never received any particular feeling in response. This was a great act of worship and was rewarded with his cell and heart being flooded with a sense of God’s presence.
Psalms: 68:6 God setteth the solitary in families
God puts those he loves in families and amongst friends, He is not trying to isolate you. However, they are not always the ones we would choose so we fail to value the ones we have, but when Jesus is enough, then we may delight in those that He has added to our lives.
So many times I have had to have my brethren who attempted suicide go to those who care about them and apologize for not reaching out for help and appreciating their presence in their lives.
For your emergency kit, make a list of the supportive people God has placed in your life. When overwhelmed pray,THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR LOVE AND FOR THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT ME:1,2,3,4,5 etc. and then pray for them and their needs.

One thought on “EMERGENCY KIT-people who care

  1. Thank you. I really needed to hear this as I find myself lonely quite often. Thanks for the HALT and BLATHERED, that will help as well. Have a blessed day

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