Nothing in this blog is intended to contradict or replace the need for professional counseling, or medications. It does not purport to tell you what to do or to agree with you or take sides.  It may, however, help you work more effectively with counselors, doctors and medication, as they help you do your part to grow in GRACE. These are the thoughts of a man who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and has found in his own life that all scripture is given by inspiration of God for 5 things:

1.To help him know what the Bible says practically about living a healthy obedient life.

2.God’s word reproves him, showing him that he is far more messed up than he could ever have realized on his own—but God loves him, and can handle “it”, all of “it”—chief of sinners and all! He finds is helpful to remember that everyone else is just as messed up and God loves them and helps them. So he reminds himself to “lighten up and do your part to letting God and others help you”.

3.God’s Word corrects what it has reproved in him, as he works with accountability and support to apply the principles.

4.God’s Word  then equips him for all the life situations that come along.

5. Having let God’s Word help him, he loves to share with others, as one beggar with another, the principles that have helped. Asking them to prayerfully consider these ideas but go to the Word and be “Bereans” and ask whether these principles are really what the Bible says.

So , here goes with “In my life I’ve found–what do you think?


5 thoughts on “READ THIS FIRST

  1. I hope every reader takes your advice and listens to your audios. There will be no way they can call you “curt” if they do. The truth may sometimes hurt but it ALWAYS sets you free!

  2. I don’t believe I ever felt you were curt in your blogs. I just have to make sure I read them when I have time to digest them. They are so much more valuable then a cursory glance or a quick once over. I sometimes go back to read them a second or third time. Thank you so much for the time you take to write them.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. God’s ideas seem to grow along with us and we can often read the same truth and it seems to be saying new and deeper things. I had a person once who listened to my ramblings on living in Grace. The first time she listened to the tapes, she said “I can’t figure what this guy is going on and on about, seems useless to me.” The second time was about 6 months later and God had been talking to her and she said to herself,”Has he been following me around and taking notes?” The third time was a year later and she thought, “Well of course these things are true, how could I have ever seen it the other way?” It seems that this is one of the many things one would expect from God’s ideas, that they have layer and layer of application yet no varying on the basic truth, helpfull to the wise,or not, to the needy and the growing. God is so kind to equip his saints with what we need.

  3. I have listened to the tapes you made around 1990 while you worked at the Minirth-Meier Clinic outside Chicago. The tapes have meant so much to me. Now I am delighted to allow the insights to continue through your web page. Thanks so much. It was an answer to prayer, by the way, to see you in Grand Rapids before Christmas…made my week!

  4. “If you ask Him nicely, He might even let you lick out of the icing bowl, just as my Mom did when I helped her in the kitchen as a boy.” Licking the icing bowl could only take place after hard work takes place. To many times, we as humans want to jump to the nice endings, the pleasure point. The thing we must understand is that to get to lick the bowl, we must first do some hard work. I believe that when most feel as “curt” is actually when the TRUTH shows them where they need to put in some hard work in their life. They do not want to put in the hard work but instead the reward or pleasure.

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